Inferno Chapter 1

March 24, 2011

Chapter 1

Monday March 4th 1996

A large Suburban was driving along the recently smoothed road, it was carrying a horse trailer behind it.

“Mommy are we there yet?” A young girl asked to the woman in the passenger's seat.

“We'll be there soon, honey.” She reached across and ruffled Hannah's black hair.

“I'm so excited for my first riding lesson.” Hannah chirped happily. The truck turned onto a gravel road. Hannah looked up at the building, her face lit up in joy. “We're almost there!” She said excitedly. A mile later the truck arrived at a medium house, a small barn behind it. Hannah jumped out, carrying her napsack.

“Uhh, hi.” A young boy said, Hannah faced him.

“Hello, who are you?” She asked tilting her head.

“I-I'm Daniel.” He stuttered nervously “You?”

“I'm Hannah, nice to meet you.” She offered her hand, he hesitantly shook it. The boy was holding a calico kitten in his arms. “You wanna play?” Hannah chirped playfully.

“Sure, what game?” Daniel asked

“Tag.” she answered happily.

It's a Saturday on March 5th 2011.

"Hey mom, I'm going out to visit Daniel." Hannah called from her room as she got dressed, she woke up at around 11:10 A.M.

"Okay, just get something to eat when you get down here." Her mother, Katherine Peterson answered, as Hannah combed her hair and brushed her teeth. Hannah walked down the spiral staircase, her gait half awake. She reached into the cupboard and grabbed out a plate, and a glass to fill with skim milk she got from the fridge. Hannah opened a small box and removed a loaf of wheat bread, and put the bread into the toaster, she eyed the olive oil bottle that sat beside the bread box. Hannah blinked and rubbed the crust off her eyelids, she yawned stretching out her muscles as they popped and cracked.

"So how was your ride last night?" Hannah's mother asked as she turned from her computer that was clustered with documents and windows on the screen.

"It went well, I guess." Hannah replied, her voice muffled by her yawn, and she grabbed the golden brown toast that popped up, taking the olive oil and splashed some on, then she took a bite out of it. Hannah washed down the bread with the glass of milk, and put on a light wind breaker jacket but didn't zip it up, not that she needed to. Daniel has been her childhood friend for as long as she knew. Hannah saddled the black stallion and headed toward her destination. She walked along the stone road, a white mercedes was parked on the other side it's windows rolled up. Hannah saw two men wearing black coats and shades, one was talking into a walkie talkie. She shrugged, assuming it was the county sheriff.

'Are you sure you're ready for this?' asked a voice in her mind as the horse looked at her with one eye that flashed into a reptilian shape.

'I have always been ready, Inferno.' she thought to the voice.

'You know that it's not easy to tell one that you love them.' Inferno said, the horse shaking his mane. 'Alas, I'm not a human, so I wouldn't know.' The voice sighed. Hannah jumped off the horse, and looked at the small cottage that had grey smoke omitting from the chimney. The door opened revealing a young man with neck length blonde hair and natural tanned skin, he wore a white t-shirt and cargo pants. The teen saw Hannah, and he waved hello casually, she came up to him and hugged him tightly.

“Ow, you hug like a bear.” Daniel whined and patted Hannah on the head when she pulled away, she stuck out her lower lip.

“Long time no see.” Hannah chirped face lit up.

“Same, so you heard I moved here, huh.” Hannah nodded “Wanna come in?” Daniel offered.

“Uh, sure,” She replied and followed him in, “nice place.” Hannah looked around at the interior of the house, it was antique with simple furniture. “So why'd you move?” Hannah asked.

“Mom got a new job at the Elementary school.” was his simple reply.

“I see,” Hannah looked over to him, “so, I'm guessing you're home until they're done?” Daniel nodded silently. Hannah heard a cat meow, and looked down at a calico female sitting on the floor in front of her. “Hey, Lightning.” Hannah petted the cat's head, the cat nudged her purring happily.

'You should tell her.' a voice recommended in Daniel's mind.

'I don't think I'm ready yet, Lightning.' He thought to the voice, the cat blinked and licked her paw.

'Very well, tell her when you are.' The voice advised telepathically.

“So how's life treating you?” Hannah asked.

“Private lessons from my father.”

“How come?” Hannah's eyebrow quirked.

“Mother doesn't want me at a public school.” Daniel sighed.

“Oh, well you're lucky.”

“How so?” he asked.

“People gossip about me at school.” She huffed in disappointment.

“Ouch, really?” He asked, Hannah nodded “Man public schools suck.” He huffed.

“No kidding.” She sighed.

“Hey, did you hear a car pull up?” Daniel asked looking around.

“Yeah, I did.” Hannah tensed “What time do your parents return?” she asked

“Mom comes back at 4:30, and dad at 6:00.” He said surprised that someone would drive up the road, since not that many people lived around Daniel. The vehicle came to a stop, and Hannah heard the horse neigh from outside.

'I have a bad feeling about this.' Inferno's voice warned Hannah.

'Who are they?' She asked in confusion.

'FBI agents.' Came the voice's simple reply.

“So the FBI is here? Is there something wrong?” Hannah asked Daniel, bewildered.

“I dunno, could there be a criminal in the county?” Daniel pondered, itching his chin. A knock came at the door. “Come in!” Daniel spoke, and Hannah opened the door.

“We're secret agents searching for a serial killer that has been reported in this county, have you seen him?” The agent demanded sternly, the teens looked dumbfounded, they shook their heads mutely. “Very well, inform us when you do.” He gave Hannah a card with a phone number and his name on it, the two agents left.

“W-what, a serial killer?” Daniel stuttered in confusion. Hannah turned the television on to the news channel.

“There has been reports of a dangerous serial killer who has escaped prison 5 times seen in this very county.” The reporter paused for a breath, “We advise that you stay indoors by midnight, until we track down and detain this menace.” The woman informed, Hannah and Daniel went wide eyed.

“Oh god, I've got to call mom and warn her.” Hannah gasped, she rummaged through her pockets, and took out a razor cell phone. She found her house number and it rung. “Hello, mom... It's me have you watched the news on channel 8 yet?... Uh huh... Be careful okay...I'll stay with Daniel until tomorrow...See ya.” Hannah hung up and sighed. The digital clock read 7:30.

“Maybe we should go.” Daniel added.

“Go where? We have no where else to go.” Hannah stated

“We'll wait until tomorrow.” Daniel yawned. “Want something to eat?” He offered when Hannah's stomach growled.

“Yeah, sure. What do you have?” She asked

“Food's in the fridge.” Daniel pointed to the small kitchen to his left. Hannah searched the fridge, and took out a slice of smoked turkey, bread and mayonnaise.

“You gonna eat to?” Hannah asked.

“Nah, I already ate.” was his simple reply as Hannah ate the sandwich.

“Could I sleep on the couch?” She asked patting the cushions.

“Go ahead, no one really uses it.” He replied as she removed her shoes by the door, and flopped onto the couch. “G'night.” Daniel chuckled lightly and he ascended the stairs.

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