Memories Forgotten, Memories Lost

March 16, 2011
By , Chattanooga, TN
A woman is sitting in an empty lobby with a small child crying on her lap, her head is swinging back and forth from the door to the clock, and then to the baby. A tall man wearing a dark cape and fedora walks through the door. He begins to talk to her, she is stuttering trying to explain something. The man holds out his hands, the woman is crying she is cradling her baby and trying to run but he grabs her arm. Slowly she extends her arms and hands the man the child, the child is wailing. The man turns around and walks out the door, disappearing into the night. The woman sank to her knees weeping. “NO, NO, NOO,” Alex screamed as she set up panting in her bed.
Alex Jones walked to her locker and pressed her finger on the small scanner and watched her gray locker pop open, she pulled out her iBinder and headed to classroom 89.Today was the 1st day of a new year at Bridgepoint Boarding School for girls. Alexis Jones had been at Bridgepoint boarding school for as long as she can remember. But today is different than others. A new student came, something that has not happened at Bridgepoint for years. All year long at Bridgepoint students take test in Math, English, Technology, French, Chinese, Self Defense, Latin, and other various subjects. Today in Ms. Math’s class the new girl came, we all were astounded, especially the teacher. “Well hello there”, said Ms. Math “Um, you can sit right there next to Ms. Jones for the time being.” “Class this is Miss Malika Andrews she will be studying with us this semester.” “Ughhh,” grumbled Alex softly, she kept zoning off into that dream she had last night. “Ms. Jones is there a problem” Ms. Math said sternly “Oh, no Ma’am,” Alex answered. This was going to be a long day.
“I’m Malika and I’m from…Uh”, said Malika trailing off “Well, you’re from where?” Alex probed “Never mind,” Malika said quickly “I was wondering if you could tell me where our next class is.” Alex nodded, “Sure our next class is with Ms. English in Room 29 in the East Wing”, Malika just stared back at her blankly “How about I just walk with you there; so where you from?”, Alex said “Uh well I’m 17, I have a family in …in Boston,” said Malika distractedly “Okay well I am 17 as well, I lived in Minnesota as long as I can remember, and I have been at Bridgepoint since I was 9,”Alex said promptly, “Well, don’t you have any family,” asked Malika “I’m an orphan like everyone else at Bridgeport, no one ever leaves until they’ve graduated” Alex said softly.

This day had been so confusing for Malika the only thing Malika could remember was getting out of the car and hugging her mom, or that’s who she thought it was. But the strangest thing was she couldn’t remember where she lived or what her family was like. She knew she had a mom and a dad but, what were they like, she could only remember the basics. “Well at least Alex seemed friendly” Malika thought to herself as they arrived at what she assumed was the East Wing. “That’s classroom 24, where we have Technology in the mornings. Do you know what dorm you’re in?” inquired Alex “Yes, I believe I’m in dorm 8 in room 109.” Malika answered. “My rooms right across from there maybe we can eat breakfast together tomorrow.”
After English class Malika and Alex headed to their dorms. “Alexis Templeton Rachel Jones” said Alex as they stood on the porch of the dorm and watched the steel door swing open. “Our dorms are up the elevator and around the corner, Let’s Go.” When they got to their rooms they said their goodbyes and went to bed.
“Ahhhhhhh”, Alex screamed as she woke up from yet another nightmare but in this one the victim was a little girl. In the nightmare the girl was trapped in a plexi-glass room with people in lab coats watching from the outside, taking notes and watching intensely. “I’m hungry” the girl cries, “I’m thirsty, I’m tired.” But every time she tries to closed her eyes the collar around her neck buzzed with electricity waking her abruptly. These men had made her drink strange liquids and then run through mazes or on treadmills. But when they were done they started to come towards her; they grabbed her and strapped her to a cot. Then they held up a dripping needle, the needle was coming closer the child was squirming with all her might and that’s when Alex woke up screaming. After she calmed down she checked the clock it read 4:30, “I might as well just get dressed because there’s no way I’m going back to sleep,” Alex thought to herself
After a dream like that Alex needed a drink, she headed to the snack room on the first floor but as she turned the corner she ran right smack into Malika who was also fully dressed. “Ow, what are doing out here?”, Alex grumbled, “Me what are you doing out here?” Malika retorted. “I came out here to get a drink from the snack room.” Alex said, “Me too, I couldn’t sleep I kept thinking about my parents but every time I thought about them the pictures in my head kind of disappeared it was really creepy.” Malika whispered. “Shhh, I hear footsteps” whispered Alex, the girls peeked out from the corner and saw teachers walking, the teachers stopped and turned towards an ancient painting from way back in 2012. “What are they doing”, whispered Malika, “Shh,” said Alex. To the girls surprise one of the teachers shifted the painting and pressed his hand on one of the metal tiles on the wall revealing a touch pad. The teacher pressed a few digits and slowing the tiles separated unveiling a door where the man swiped a card and entered.

Malika tip-toed toward the door, “What are you doing?” Alex hissed. “I’m going to check it out, Come On” Malika said, Malika had seen some pretty cool stuff before and wasn’t going to miss out on this. She slipped inside the door and headed down the staircase that appeared as she entered; Alex followed muttering something under her breath.

Reality hit Alex like a sack of rocks as she stepped off the lasts step. The men in lab coats, the needles, the plexi-glass walls, it was all from those creepy dreams she had. Maybe the girl in those nightmares was real. She could barely breathe her heart was pounding; a cold sweat was breaking out on her forehead. “Alex come under here”, Malika’s voice pulled her from her from her state of shock. In the center of the room was a plexi glass chamber which held a group of 3 kids. One of the children head and eyes started to droop; as soon as they did the collar around her neck turned bright with electricity and the little girl’s eyes shot open “What is this place” Malika stuttered, fear making her voice crack. “I think I know” said Alex “We have to get these kids out of here”

“Hey you, what are you doing here. Security!” the man yelled, looking at them from above the table “two of the stage two kids found their way in here.” Two men came in and picked up Malika and Alex they kicked and squirmed, making no progress; the men dragged them into a hallway and stuffed them in an empty office. They put handcuffs on them locked the door and left. “I…I know what this place is this …it’s the place in my dreams...they…the people here do test on kids with needles…special medicines it’s…it’s awful.” Alex croaked. “How can this place be from your dreams if you’ve never been here right.”, said Malika. “Never, or at least not that I remember.” The girls sat in silence for a few minutes analyzing the situation “Okay I’ve got an idea on how we get out of these cuffs”, said Alex, “You know how these cuffs are just two steel bands connected by a really strong magnet,” “Yeah, I guess” said Malika puzzled. “Well, if I can pull the cuffs apart wide enough for you to stick your hand through, then all you have to do is slide one of your cuffs in between mine to break the magnetic field okay”, said Alex, “ I get it but how are the cuffs supposed to come off our wrist.” said Malika. “ The cuffs are four pieces so when we break the magnetic field the cuffs break in half to, get it,” said Alex. “Yep” Malika answered, “Okay, on three, one, two, Three”
The cuffs clinked to the ground “Yes” the girls said simultaneously. “Okay now let’s get out of here, you gotta bobby pin” asked Malika “Yeah, why, they never work on locks, that’s only in those old 2-D movies”, said Alex. “Watch and learn,” said Malika. Malika snapped the bobby bin in half and placed the ridged side in the lock and turned, it made a cracking sound. “There I broke the lock so it will turn do you know how to hack a touch pad lock from the back”, asked Malika hopefully. “Duh who doesn’t?”

Alex looked up and said, “Done,” “Wow that was fast okay hope this worked” said Malika. Alex reached for the door handle it turned. So far so good now pull, the door eased open, Alex did a little happy dance in her mind. “Okay let’s try to find a way out of here before those weird dudes find us. They walked down the halls trying to find an exit for a while when Alex stopped abruptly and said “Eeeek, I hear footsteps, come on this doors open” Malika followed Alex quickly into the room.” Alex turned around and she swore her jaw dropped to the floor at the sight of all the papers and computers with “The End” plastered all over them. She tapped Malika on the shoulder “What? Oh…. My….Gosh, what is this?” Malika exclaimed. “I don’t know but let’s find out.” Malika was looking at the files on the computer when Alex, who had been shuffling through papers, said;” I found something” The paper in Alex’s hand was split up in three different sections.
Phase 1 acquire children from outside world, see if their minds and bodies are strong to withstand “The End” with the test and when Phase 1 is completed erase memory and send to Phase 2.
Phase 2 make experiments believe they are regular kids and educate them in main subjects needed to survive “The End.
Phase 3 do final experiments and send them out into the world.
“Malika look up phase 3 one the touch pad” ordered Alex, “Sure, Umm Alex you might wanna look at this” said Malika on the screen were ingredients to some type of medicine but when they scrolled down the page a picture was projected onto the wall behind them, well it was more like a video of a girl turning into a robot that looked completely human but it just wasn’t. The robot or whatever it was didn’t look human because it’s eyes and body movements were so lifeless it looked like a zombie with a big bulky body. Malika scrolled and showed a map with red dots all over it she clicked one and a picture of a school that looked just like Bridgepoint popped up but instead of students the halls were filled with mutated children with soulless eyes and jerked body movements.

Malika realized what was going to happen, “This is what Phase 3 is, we’ve got to get out of here.” ” As soon as she heard footsteps started to echo in the hallways Malika froze. “Turn off the computer lock the door, turn the light off.” Alex whispered and crouched behind a file cabinet. “I left the door unlocked so it’d be easier to get in” said one of the lab coat men it sounded like Mr. Tech from Technology. “Good because I left the key in a classroom” said the other lab coat man. “Um sir the doors locked” said first the lab coat man “I could have sworn I left it open, Oh well we’ll get the papers later” said the other lab coat man and walked away. Neither of the girls moved until they could not here his footsteps. “Wow that was close we need to get out of here, okay let’s see this hallway leads right to an side exit and then we just have to walk straight t “Wait how are you getting all this info”, said a Alex confused. “These are some very detailed floor plans” said Malika. “Okay you can do this” Alex thought to herself and followed Malika as she picked up the touch pad and what looked like on of the lab coat men’s cards walked towards the door. They got to the corner and peeked around the coast was clear they scurried along the wall found the door, swiped the card and hurried to class.

Alex and Malika walked into class a second before the bell rang and set down. There was no way Alex was going to learn anything today she couldn’t stop thinking about that place. The day went by as slow as molasses and when the girls finally got to their dorms they raced to Malika’s room to fiddle around with the touch pad. “Okay Malika I have to tell you something about that place we went to last night.” Said Alex as she pulled a chair up to the desk where Malika was sitting. “What” asked Malika, “Okay this might sound a little weird but I think that’s the place where I spent my childhood, I think all my dreams were real,” explained Alex rather quickly. “I think everyone at Bridgeport grew up their and that’s why no one remembers their past.” “Okay glad you got that out of your system. Let’s start sorting this mess out” Malika sighed as she pressed the on button of the computer. “Password Needed,” the computer bleeped. “Hmm lets try the one on the back of the key card we found.” Said Alex “39704ba,” Malika said as she typed “Access Granted,” bleeped the computer as a desktop filled with icons appeared. Alex eyes scanned the desktop and tapped the file labeled Experiments, a chart labeled # of Experiments materialized. The chart displayed the graphs showing the number of experiments sent out , the amount of experiments being brought in and the number of experiments at the facility, strangely this said zero.
“It’s because it’s the 1st week of school,” said Alex “What,” said Malika, “There aren’t any kids in the facility because it’s the first week of school and that’s when they bring the new kids out of the facility and into the school.” Alex scrolled down the page and noticed a section called delivery. “Oh No there’s more kids coming looking at all these dots moving closer those have got to be new kids coming.” “Well at least they all won’t be here for two days according to the estimated arrival time above each red dot” Alex thought to herself. A hologram appeared in the middle of the room “Lights Out” it said. “Well I guess that’s it for today,” said Alex as they sat in darkness. Alex walked to her bedroom took a shower and tried to go to bed. She eventually fell asleep but her dreams were filled with images of the lab and the helpless children. She dreamed of being one of those helpless children it was so real it felt like… like a memory.
“Rise and Shine” her touch pad repeated until Alex had groggily pressed the silence button, she pulled on her school uniform and set down at her desk. As soon as the blue button started blinking she pressed and through the gap in her desk came a plate of French toast with maple syrup, strawberries, and a glass of guava juice. “Mmm French toast my fave,” Alex thought to herself as Malika walked in. “What’d you get” Malika questioned carrying in a plate of Belgian waffles, bacon, and a power smoothie. “French toast,” Alex answered. “ I wonder why nobody came after us that night,” Alex thought aloud “Well the only the scientist and those two guys saw us” said Malika “ I guess you’re right I mean nobody looked up they acted like this kind of stuff happened all the time “Okay I found something really important last night after you went to bed and wanted to wait until we were together to check it out” Malika typed in the password and clicked on a file labeled Experiment Profiles Malika typed in her name and a bunch of information appeared. There was a section that said Date Arrived: July 21, 3009. In the corner is showed a Progress Report Phase 1:100% Phase 2: 25% Phase 3: 0%, and lastly in the bottom half of the screen it said mission: To see how chemicals react to an older specimen. Also on the side it said memory erased: August 20, 3010.Memory Replaced August 30, 3010. The girls both sat in shock, slowly Alex typed in her name it was the same as Malikas but the dates were from long ago, the only major difference was that Alex purpose was to see if chemicals to enhance technological intelligence worked. Alex turned to Malika and said “This is way more serious than I thought.”
The day went by even slower the hours in class paying attention to nothing, only wondering how her teachers could be so mean and do such cruel things. When the day was finally over the girls went to Alex room and sat down. Malika was the 1st one to break the silence.
“While I was on the computer she had found a floor plan with little Xs all over the place when I looked on the floor plan key I saw that the Xs were bombs” Malika explained “Why would they have bombs all over their own facility”, Alex questioned “For Safety, think about it. Do you know what would happen if the government found this place?” “Okay so I was thinking maybe we could blow up the place” said Malika “What, are you crazy” yelled Alex “Come on Alex you know it’s the write thing to do.” “Okay, okay you’re right it is but what about the kids” said Alex frantically. “The kids won’t arrive until tomorrow night remember the chart.” “You’re sure the kids wont be here till tomorrow” Alex questioned. “Sure” Malika confirmed “All right let’s do this it’s now or never” “Okay I already hacked into the systems all I have to do is hit fire.” Malika’s body was shaking with fear as she pressed the button. This was it, the building shook, I could hear screams then it was over; it was all over, or at that’s what I thought until a man in a dark cape and fedora walked in the room. “You have been successful experiments and will move on to Phase 4 of “The End.” He said emotionlessly. He pointed a ray gun at the girls and the world went black.

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