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March 16, 2011
By TomSawyer BRONZE, New Market, Maryland
TomSawyer BRONZE, New Market, Maryland
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Dear President Forrest,

First and foremost, congratulations on your landslide election to office. It must have been an exciting victory for you since it was highly unlikely that a representative from Korea would win the election. Now, enough with the pleasantries, I have written this letter for a reason. Since you have inherited the China war there has been the highly publicized highjacking of a mobile orbital defense missile launcher vehicles and approximately 500 missiles. This directly threatens my companies Asia division of BEHEMOTH class space freighters. Your chiefs of staff would like to argue with me that those missiles are designed to take out other incoming missiles, and that the warheads on them can barley put a dent on the metal skin of one of my freighters. But we both know better. If those missiles can hit another missile going at mach 10, I am positive it can hit a 2 mile long 10,000 ton hulk of metal. Also, those warheads can be replaced with ones of a greater, punch. Besides that unpleasant subject I have other things to discuss. For one your proposal to extend healthcare to the people of Korea. The territory is only ten years old and its only current use is as a staging point for our troops to go to China and a dump for used uranium. Its people and businesses have made absolutely no contributions to American society whatsoever. A extension of healthcare would only put our country further in debt so therefor I disapprove of the bill. Also, the bill includes that you commandeer one of my newest GALACTIC class light freighters to ferry over supplies for a new hospital. I do not like this idea. As a final tidbit to think about I must announce to you in utmost privacy that at my central Idaho testing facility we have created a prototype for single seat capacity fission drive engine class with enough power to do trans atmospheric and space flights. This means that if the prototype is successful it will not need a booster engine to go from the ground to space. It would take an estimated one minute to get into low earth orbit. With a larger engine it could be used as a commercial personnel transport. Again, It is just a prototype. In my future letters to you Mr. President I hope that their subjects are much more happier. With that, I must say good-bye.


John Craft, CEO of STRAT Industries

The author's comments:
This is a sliver of my vision of the future, it is more hopeful than it should be.

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