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March 16, 2011
By AliceinChains96 BRONZE, Sperryville, Virginia
AliceinChains96 BRONZE, Sperryville, Virginia
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Mystery lurks around every corner.You will never know what you will find.Their are things in this world hidden from all the rest.The story-tale creatures your parents used to read to you are all real.Monsters,Ghosts,fairies,time-travelers,shape shifters, vampires,werewolves, etc.They are hidden from the world because they are different, they're the Governments little secret. They think they are keeping the humans safe by keeping them away from them but that is not the truth maybe to them but not to the creatures, the creatures are lonely and scared and some of them are children , well most of the are with some teens mixed in. Their are no parents , the parents are the ones who gave them away in the first place. They're an abomination to the whole society no the whole world.I would know I am one of them. It is a life filled with misery and pain, for the most part it sucks. Their Are baby's down here to and we have to take care of them. Their gov. gives the supplies we need to survive on and that's it otherwise we are locked up.

I remember the day my parents brought me here. They didn't know I was one of them until I was 10 years old. I am a time traveler you see. One day I was just playing outside with my parents watching and I just disappeared and didn't come back till an hour later.they didn't see but I knew where I was, I had went back to the late 1800's. It was remarkable. Once I was back my parents had worried looks on their faces and they told me to get in the car. The drive wasn't that long, but where they took me I will never forget. I went into this big building where men and women were wearing lab coats. My mom shoved me in front of the desk and told her I had vanished into thin air and came back. The woman looked down at me with absolute disgust and hatred. She nodded her head and grabbed me by the collar of my shirt. She dragged me down a white hallway and to a door with the word "Error" on it. She turned the knob and just threw me in. I remember that day clearly and I wish I hadn't. Most of the kids here get lucky and don't remember, but there are few of us that do remember and it will haunt us for the rest of our lives.

I at-least knew my name and wasn't given one I don't recall my last name though thank god. Well my name is Adella but the kids just call me Addy. I have grown fond of the kids. i have helped raise most of them. When I first got here I was maybe the fifth one and we were all around the same age, all of them were boys though. So I was mostly the mother figure at first and still am. The one thing I find fascinating is that the time travelers here can go back to the time they were young but they can't talk to anyone and the people can't see them. Also we can only go back to those times and before, we can't travel back an hour ago. Over all we are still allowed to use our powers or as they would say our speacial ability's. That is far from it, we disgust them in every way and they hate us, I don't know why though, maybe because we are different.

One of the little girls waas crying, she had apparently tripped and scraped her ankle. She only looked to be the age of 6. I told her to come here. I took a good look at it. It was bleeding pretty bad. I wiped the tears from her eyes and gave her a nice warm hug. I told one of the older kids to bring me a rag and any waterliquid we have. The kid ran as fast as he could. I poured the water over the wound and used the rag to wipe off the blood, if this were a doctors office i would give her a lollipop.She thanked me and went off playing again.

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