The World Beyond the Seeing Door

March 9, 2011
A girl with jet-black hair walked slowly along the lamp lit New York City streets. Though the moon was clearly visible in the night sky, most of the stars light could not compete with the blinding glare of the many buildings in the old, dirty metropolis. The cool fall breeze made the girl’s already pale cheeks rosy red as she neared her destination.
Soon, an old abandoned building came into her view and she smiled to herself. The building looked like any normal, upscale townhouse in the city, except for two items that only certain beings could identify as defining aspects. First there was a lion made of cold white stone, right paw on a smooth marble ball. The second was the house number 21 perched right below the lion on the doorframe. Apart, those objects meant nothing, but together, they were a symbol of the girl’s family, and the many extraordinary circumstances that came along with it.

The front door was chained and welded shut, but the girl knew it only took a touch for the entrance to clear away. Grasping the padlock in her hands, she let her mind go blank and soon a bright red gleam wrapped around the chains and the door burst open in a brilliant flash. With that, the girl disappeared into the warmth of the red glow.
Jason Hartman jogged through the dark streets on the way home from the grocery store. As he ran, something caught his eyes and he slowed to a stop in front of the rundown townhouse at the end of his block. A red light flowed from the usually closed door and Jason’s eyes grew wide.
“What the…” he mumbled to himself and stepped closer to the doorway, slightly intrigued. “Hello? Is anybody in here?”
Suddenly he felt some invisible force pull him and he went flying into the opened door, crashing into something when he landed.
Jason held his head, his eyes shut tight. “Oh, ow…”
“Get off of me!” He felt someone with incredible strength push him off and onto a cold stone floor. When Jason opened his eyes, he found himself in a dark cavern made of black rock. Torches lined a spiraling staircase that seemed to never end, and when he looked back, the door was gone, as was the mysterious red light. But the scariest thing in the room was not the stairwell, nor the disappearing door. No, it was the black haired girl who stared him down from the other side of the room. “How did you get through the door?” She asked. “Who are you anyways?”
From the dim, flickering light of the torches, Jason could see her features just enough to recognize her face. “Kira? Kira Underwood? You’re in my science class.”
“Jason…Hartman.” Her eyes widened. “How did you get past the door? You’re just a human!”
“Slow down.” Jason put his hand out in front of him. “What do you mean, ‘how did I get past it?’ It was open.”
She stared at him for a moment and then sighed. “Well, it’s not a normal door. It separates two different worlds, and it only let’s certain beings through. It’s Called the Seeing Door. Apparently it’s chosen you. ”

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