The Great War

March 14, 2011
By Money.Man. SILVER, Brownsville, Oregon
Money.Man. SILVER, Brownsville, Oregon
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Zack is an ordinary farm boy who worked for his father John Terith. Zack is only 14 years old at the time our story takes place. He lives in Camelot in a city called Dangar on the outskirts of town. His dad is very poor and sometimes they don’t have food for days on end. He thought back on the death of his mother which happened seven years ago due to a heart attack. One day while Zack was tending to the fields, he saw two men fighting off in the distance. He quietly moved toward the two men and saw that one of them was being stabbed with a sword. Soon the authorities arrived to investigate the murder and found only Zack standing by the man. They assumed he was the murderer. They bound his feet and hands with shackles and took him to the castle.
Soon after arriving at the castle, they took him to the dungeon and threw him in an empty cell. There was another man in the room with him. He handed him the keys to his cell and told him to follow. They took a secret tunnel out of the castle that led to the forest. The man told Zack that his name was Fera Meer and that the real reason that he let him out was because he wanted to train him to become a Grifflian rider. For those of you who don’t know what a Grifflian is, it is across between a dragon and a griffin. He gives him a Grifflian egg and tells him, that “It will hatch soon and when it does than I will show you how to train it. “He also tells him that he will never ride one again, because his Grifflian was killed in battle.

Meanwhile, in a city called Sereeoth a ranger apprentice by the name of Ashley is practicing her target shooting in order to become a ranger and fight against the dreaded overlord Zoda Saderath. She is being trained by Zabath, the greatest ranger in all the land. Suddenly a horn sounds, which signals to prepare for battle.
Everyone in all of Camelot is prepared for the battle that would soon begin. The odds are most definitely against them. The king’s army is made up of only 100 thousand men, where Zoda’s army was made up of 500 thousand orkes. The rangers are lined up, ready to fire when commanded. The king yells out, “Fire!” The arrows soar through the air killing hundreds of orkes.
The battle is fierce and very gruesome. Just when the king thinks they have lost, Zack and Fera Meer arrive on their grifflians. They command them to breathe fire onto the orkes, killing many instantly. The orkes have a weapon that the king’s does not, a fire- ball-launching catapult. They fire right and left killing massive numbers of men in one shot.
Jack Damin, one of the king’s most noble knights is so cocky that he thought he could destroy the catapult by himself. Sadly, he instantly caught on fire and burnt alive. They all became shocked when this happened because he killed so many knights before. He is the strongest of all the knights.
Then, Fera Meer did the unthinkable he attacked Zoda with his Grifflian and roasted him alive. Zack came onto the ground and rushed to his aid. The final words he said was “I’m your father and then died in Zack’s arms. Zack soon completed the missing piece to the puzzle. This was his dad who really wasn’t named John and who went by that name to protect him.

Zack went up into the air his Grifflian, and hurled his mighty axe at Zoda’s head, and it fell off. With this his Grifflian fell to the ground like a rock. The reason the orkes were even alive was because of there overlord being alive and with him dead they all disintegrated and they vanished into thin air all that remained was the king’s army. They all cheered shouting “Zack the hero!” The king threw Zack and Ashley a great feast at the castle. Little did know, Zoda wasn’t human, was it possible for him to come back to life?

The author's comments:
I really love to write fantasy stories and creating my own unique characters!

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