My trip to the past

March 14, 2011
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My name is Jordan Watkins I am just an ordinary boy living in Brownsville, Oregon. I am 13 years old and I have always been fascinated with the medieval times. While I was wondering around my house I came upon the Stand By Me tree. I touched the tree and found that I had somehow ended up in the medieval times. It must have been some kind of portal.
I found that I had also become dressed up in medieval clothes, which I found very strange. I met with a boy named Zack who explained that he was an average farmer and was a few months older than me. I explained to him that I had no place to live and he told me that I could live at his house for a while until I found a permanent home to live in. When we arrived, his dad greeted me kindly. They fed me some mutton and fried potatoes. It was one of the best meals I had ever had.
Zack and I went outside and practiced sword fighting. I had been taking fencing for a while, so I knew the basic moves. Then, he took me to meet two of his friends. One was a ranger named Ashley who was excellent with a bow. The other was a great knight named Jack who had fought in many wars for the king. Jack told me that he could teach me the skills I needed to become a knight.

The time I spent with Zack and his dad was lots of fun. I got training from Jack almost every day. I also spent some time shooting at the archery range. I had so much fun. Each night while I lay in bed I thought of how I would ever return back to my own time period.
The next morning I found that Zack and his dad were up early and preparing me a traditional medieval meal. It included bacon, eggs, and mutton. The mutton had the most peculiar taste it was like chicken and steak at the same time. Then we helped his dad plant some beats and radishes.

Zack took me to the city of Sereeoth, where his friend Fera Meer was, who was a grifflian rider fighting against Zoda, one of the fiercest overlords in all of Camelot. Their grifflians were evenly matched. The battle was gruesome. Suddenly Zoda’s grifflian attacked Fera Meer’s and it fell to the ground with a loud bang. Zack ran to the grifflians’ aid but it was too late.

Fera Meer swore that he would never ride a grifflian again. He also swore his revenge against Zoda no matter what it took. Then he ran off into the woods and hid there making sure he wasn’t noticed. He would do what ever it took to kill Zoda.
Meanwhile, Zoda was in the other side of the forest attacking Ashley’s mother with a sword. He took the sword and stabbed it right through her chest. She fell to floor. Then Zoda left to prepare his army for the battle to come.
Ashley arrived and saw that her mother was dead. She swore her revenge and that she would find the murderer and bring justice for her mother.
While wondering around the city I came across a marvelous tree that I believed may be able to take me back to my own time period. I asked Zack what kind of tree it was and he said that it an oak tree. I told him that I would be attempting to touch the tree and return to my on time. He gave me the sword I had been practicing with. He also gave me a hug, and then I touched the tree and I returned home with the sword still in my hand. I also realized that when I got home I had only been gone for a few minutes.

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LiquidSilver said...
Mar. 17, 2011 at 6:19 pm

The story line is very interesting, since I like medeival times myself, but I feel like it's too . . . rushed. Slow the story down, explain things. If you made the story more detailed, I would really like to read it!


Money.Man. replied...
Mar. 28, 2011 at 5:09 pm

I think i'll do that as soon as I can!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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