Saving the Fairy

March 10, 2011
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One day, I decided to go to the library during a vicious snowstorm that lasted all week. A girl walked in and picked out a book. I noticed that she had an extremely large amount of freckles. She handed me a book and told me to read it. It had a simple cover and I began to read it. It was as if I was imagining it and the girl was the narrator. It started with a unicorn and its best friend, the firefly.

They were in a lush, green forest when they stumbled upon a stream. They decided to camp there for the night. Later that same evening, they awoke to a glorious sight. It seemed that every frog in the forest was singing at the stream. They sang of a chamber hidden deep in the forest with a very special key. The two friends pondered that if they could open the chamber, they could use the treasure to save their ailing fairy friend. The next morning, they set out to find the key. They had no idea where to look or what the key even looked like. The song the frogs had sung had pieces and parts missing from it.

As they traveled through the forest, the trees turned black and the path more dangerous. They had accidentally ventured into a troll’s lair. It was pitch black. Seeing anything was virtually impossible. They began to panic. It is extremely dangerous to intrude upon a troll during the day. A troll sleeps during the day, and if it is woken, it will go on a vicious rampage. It will destroy everything in sight. They spotted a light and followed it. The light brought them back out of the troll’s lair without any injury to them. The best friends wouldn’t be so lucky in the situations yet to reveal themselves and the dangers they contain.

During their travels, they stopped many times to rest. The forest they were traveling in was immense. One evening as they were resting, they had a terrible sense of foreboding. They feared that they were being stalked and watched through the lush green forest that hid them. They knew that something would happen to them. They couldn’t foresee whether it would be good and help them, or if it would be a terrible thing that would harm them. They ignored it and continued on.

After many days traveled, the two best friends came across an immense mountain. There was a cave half way up the mountain. The exhausted duo of the unicorn and firefly decided it was best to spend the night in that cave. They ventured deep into the cave to explore further. They came across a room that had many lit candles and some furniture. In the center of the room was a bird with bright orange and deep red feathers. It was a wise old phoenix. As they approached, the phoenix began to speak to them. He wished to travel with them at daylight’s break. In return, he would tell the truth of the song and key. The friends agreed.

s they left, the candles went out as if by magic. The phoenix then burst in a fury of fire and ash. It was as if everything in the entire room had ignited to say “The phoenix is a marvel, look with your being and gaze at the beauty.” You could smell the burning cedarwood from the furniture. Out of the black ashes, a new phoenix was born. The unicorn and the firefly stood there completely dumbfounded and silent. They could not believe what they had just witnessed. The rebirth of a phoenix is simply marvelous. If you witness the rebirth of a phoenix, it will guide you through your journey and help with its vast knowledge.

After that, the firefly realized the flurry of fire had harmed the unicorn. The phoenix traveled to them and wept on the unicorn’s injuries. The pain ceased and the damage disappeared. The tears had healed them. The next morning, as the sun rose, They set out. The trio of companions began the hardest and most treacherous part of their journey. They still had to find the special key. The phoenix they were traveling with told the rest of the story that the singing frogs had left out. It appears that there is not one, but three keys spread about the forest. Two of the keys open the chamber and the final key opened the wooden chest inside of the magical vault.

The phoenix had already obtained the final key that opened the wooden chest. It was the complete song that they had to sing inside of the chamber. The first key must be taken and replaced from the very troll the unicorn and firefly had escaped from a few weeks ago. The trio was determined to obtain the key. They entered the troll’s domain with high hopes of getting the key to open the chamber. The song explained that they had to exchange the key for pure gold. The phoenix had conjured up a plan. He would fool the troll into taking iron pyrite, a type of fool’s gold. The firefly and the unicorn had a more intelligent plan. They would offer true gold to the troll. Once they entered, the true fear of their predicament revealed its self upon them. The pitch black rooms concealed many things. Their fear was blatantly obvious. The dark hid the many trolls that surrounded the trio of best friends.

The unicorn lit its spectacular horn and the trolls staggered away. One of the trolls approached the best friends. They began to make exchanges. At the end of the negotiations, the friends obtained the second key and the troll got the gold. The only key left to find was hidden with a traveling Minotaur. The trio slept just outside of the trolls territory and when they awoke, the Minotaur stood above them. He spoke to them and he said that he had been watching their travels. He had decided to trust them. He also was the one who was watching them earlier in their travels. The Minotaur took out a harmonica and began playing it. He told the three friends to memorize the song and play it to the chamber. He handed it to the friends and left them.

The friends headed out toward the stream where they had first found them selves. The frogs were gone, but they came back that very same night. The frogs began to sing. The firefly played the harmonica just as the Minotaur had shown them a few nights before. The vault containing the wooden chest rose from the stream. The friends were completely astounded. The phoenix inserted the key that they had obtained from the troll into the lock. The vault opened. There was an inscription saying that only one of the best friends could enter the chamber. The trio got together and decided the unicorn had the best voice and therefore, had the best key.

Upon entering the chamber that enclosed the wooden chest, the door slammed shut. The unicorn began to sing and the room lit up. The wooden chest that contained the necessary riches for saving the ailing fairy began to rattle. The unicorn sang louder and the wooden treasure chest burst open. To the unicorn’s dismay, It was completely and entirely empty. As she turned to leave to explain to her friends that it was empty, she felt strange. She turned around and there was nothing there. She left the chamber and went back outside. When she told her friends what had happened, they were stricken with shock. How would they heal their sick and dying fairy friend? They had absolutely no clue.

After mulling it over, the trio of friends made the agonizing decision to go visit their fairy friend for the final time. This would be the last time they could see their fairy friend alive. As they left, the frogs began to sing. The vault then sank beneath the clear stream once again. That was the end of one adventure through the forest. Or was it? When they entered their fairy friend’s home, they suspected absolutely nothing. After the firefly and phoenix had said their goodby’s, the unicorn came up. The instant they had made contact, The room alighted with fire. Electricity shot between them. Their lungs filled with water and their blood turned to ice. Then, all at once, it stopped. No more pain and no more bright fire. They looked at each other. The fairy was no longer sick. She was entirely healed. The wooden treasure chest hadn’t been empty after all! It had given the unicorn the power to heal any sickness or injury. The magic from the vault had saved the fairy’s life! It was the single best thing that could have ever happened to them. They were overjoyed because now they were all safe.

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LiveInTheMoment said...
Mar. 14, 2011 at 6:17 pm
This seemed like something a 5th grade student would write. It didn't have much feeling behind it, and it felt like it was a rough draft. This story has potential, just be more descriptive, and try to include how the unicorn and firefly felt through the whole story. Also work on building up their personalities more. Overall, it was interesting. Keep on writing, you'll go far. I hope to find a revised version of this one day8)
Makaila D. replied...
Mar. 14, 2011 at 6:45 pm
This was origionaly writted for a contest that was restricted as to how many words I could use, therefore I had to keep it simpl, but I thank you for your comments.
LiveInTheMoment replied...
Mar. 14, 2011 at 8:15 pm
If it was for a contest with limited words then kudos to you. You did an excellent job of describing the characters while using only so many words. 8)
Makaila D. replied...
Mar. 17, 2011 at 10:57 am
Thank you! Nicest thing I've heard about my story all year.
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