The Lava Lamp

March 8, 2011
By sarahmcmurtry SILVER, Strawberry Point, Iowa
sarahmcmurtry SILVER, Strawberry Point, Iowa
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Sometimes it takes something horrible to realize something wonderful.

The day my mom brought me home the lava lamp from the garage sale was the day things started to get weird. She wouldn't explain to me why she got it, she just walked into my room, and set it on my bed, and left. No comment, no questions, no words. I would've thought this was weird if I had a normal mom, which I didn't.

Maybe, you noticed that I just used past tense when talking about my mom. There's an explanation for this, but its kind of confusing. My mom, was killed, ironically, by a monster that was hidden in the lava lamp. Even being there, I still think what happened was so cliche.

And I guess this is my story.

After my mom left I grabbed the lava lamp and opened it. It was a beautiful bright red. And when I plugged it in, and it started to bubble, I noticed that it also changed colors. No matter how weird getting it was, it was on of the coolest things in my girly, little kid, room.

That night, I stared at it from my bed until at last i fell asleep. While sleeping, I dreamed of getting sucked into the lava lamp, and escaping to a wonderful colorful world where I was the Queen. It was fantastic, until, I heard my mom screaming.

Startled I woke up, and saw that I was in her room with a knife. I didn't even know where I got the knife.

Mom was screaming at me, saying to go to my room and put the knife down. My little brother, who slept in Mom's room, was wailing his little lungs out. I thought I should say something about not knowing how I got here, but I knew Mom wasn't in the mood, and I would probably have a long talk in the morning about how this is unexceptable, and if it happens again, I'll go back to boarding school.

And that morning, that was exactly what happened.

During the school day, all I could think about was how this happened. I was having a wonderful dream, and then I ended up in Mom's room. None of it made sense, this never happened before. I never slept walked. The day went by slowly, until finally I was walking home.

When I got home Mom was sitting at the kitchen table reading some book on Pickles. She didn't even look at me, or ask how my day was. It was like I was invisible. Even when I said hi, she didn't acknowledge that I was even her son.

For the rest of the day, I sat in my room, staring at the lava lamp. Thinking how it could have happened. The more I thought the madder I became.

Sometime that night I must have passed out. I don't quiet remember the time going as fast as it seemed. It seemed like 5 minutes went by and then it was 10 o'clock. Once again, I had the same dream as last night.

Something was different this time though. I was woke up my Mom screaming once again, but this time when I woke up I wasn't myself. I was an awful bloody red color. I felt boiling hot, and as if I could just melt myself down with a single thought.

Mom was screaming as loud as she could. But, I didn't care. I want to rule my mother. If she wanted me to or not. And if she didn't well, I might as well dispose of the worthless human. I don't understand why I'm talking like I wasn't also a human. Maybe it's be cause I wasn't anymore. I was something much more powerful. I was in control.

I walked up to her slowly and grabbed her arm. With the smallest touch I could feel the ice coldness of her skin. I stared at her for a minute, and dragged her down to the basement. Miraculously, she didn't struggle. She just followed. But, when she got in the basement, she did something I expected. She tried to get me to come to. To be rational. Yeah right. I don't know where she thought she was. This wasn't a movie. And there wasn't going to be a happy ending... for either of us.

For some reason I knew what to do right away. I had to see if she would cooperate, which she didn't, or get rid of her. And luckily, I saw the right tool that would be perfect for the job. A power saw.

Mom must have seen me staring at it because she suddenly started screaming. So there was no time to wait. Now or never. Or it may be too late.

What happened next was quick and simple to under stand... I killed her, and the my little brother. It was a very happy time for me. Until I got caught.

It was about half a day later that the Special Forces broke down the door and took me away. Must have passed out after that because ever since I've been stuck in a small padded cell, all alone.

The doctors said I went mad, the cops said that I was a bad child, stupid people have no clue what happened. But only a few people understand that I was possessed. I would be able to get out of this cell, if only I could stop sleep walking.

But, what I still fear, is the lava lamp that I can see every once and a while sitting in my tiny cell. And once again I will start staring at it, and it starts again. I'm cursed forever, to this lava lamp, to be persuaded to rule everyone, and kill anyone who tries to get in my way. Don't try to forget it, it will happened, because I can't die. And if I really wanted to, I could get out of this place.

For now though, it's perfect to get ready. Beware, I may be watching you right at this very moment. You never know what I can do. Are you afraid?

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on Mar. 16 2011 at 2:24 pm
sarahmcmurtry SILVER, Strawberry Point, Iowa
9 articles 1 photo 21 comments

Favorite Quote:
Sometimes it takes something horrible to realize something wonderful.

Omg:) Thanks!!

lu2read said...
on Mar. 11 2011 at 10:03 am


OMG THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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