Darkening Eclipse

March 4, 2011
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I sat, looking out at the harbor. I was so immersed in the way the waves gently rolled over each other that I did not hear the soft, light footsteps coming from behind me.

“Hello Dragoneye.”

I turned, knowing who it was before I seen her face. She was a beautiful creature. Like most faeries, she was born on the day of the eclipse.

“Serpent Tongue, I am surprised” I said while letting out a small sigh. “You rarely come out in daylight.”

“Well, tonight is the Darkening Eclipse.”

I realized she had another reason for coming here, other than to boast about becoming a heightened warrior.

“So, is there something you would like to talk about?”


That’s all it was, a simple short no.

“Well, then I must be going,” I responded as I stood up from my perch. I stretched and for good measure ran a few laps around the roof of the building. On every night of the eclipse there is a triathlon. The winner of the previous race became a heightened warrior the following year. A heightened warrior works directly for the flighters. They are a group of elite soldiers ready to defend their territory at any given moment. Using the elements of fire, earth, wind, and water these warriors have defeated their enemies. The race has always and will always be the 37 mile track through Ada, the western city.

As usual when I walked through the doors of hells cavern, Sydor was waiting for me.

“Dragoneye, that is the fourth time, this week, you have been late. I certainly have trained you better than this, have I not?”

“Yes, my lord Sydor, you have, but I…

“Stop this nonsense now!” Sydor interrupted, in a deafening roar.

“Yes, my lord”

“Now, let the training begin.”

I walked over to the table and picked up a weapon. Drawing out his sword, Sydor dropped into a crouched position, ready to strike. I got low, aiming for his legs. We started circling about in a predatory manner. I waited until he was most vulnerable, until the moment he relaxed. Slowly his muscles began to relax after five minutes. This is when I pounced. I swung to the right and in the blink of an eye Sydor moved out of its way.

“Think Dragoneye, think back to everything I’ve taught you!” He shouted from across the room.

“I was randomly strolling down the street when this barking mad panther came racing towards me. I was only a human then, so I reacted the way any other normal person would. I ran. Dodging crates and barrels I tumbled along the barren path. Not knowing or caring where I ended up. Suddenly a thought came to me, why in the world would a panther be prowling the Gothic City streets.
As I turned around and looked over my shoulder the large animal transformed, into a human. The look of disbelief must have crossed my mind because the man stopped in his tracks. I slowed down, still looking over my shoulder.
“Josh, we need to talk.” He said using my human name.
“H-How do you know me.” I stuttered.
“That is not important, but you must come with me.”
In a second, I had made up my mind up my mind. I turned around and ran as fast as my semi-long legs could go. I closed my eyes, trying to ignore the images burned into my mind. Ooomph! I was hit from the side by a hard figure. Lying on the ground I slowly opened my eyes. If it were possible I know I would be seeing stars.
“Josh, you’ve just learned your first lesson.”
“Oh yea, and what is that?”
“Never run from your enemy.” He said with a sparkling gleam in his eye.
As I came back to reality, I found the answer I was looking for. I ran at him, slashing down as I went. He quickly dodged to the side. I came again and still he dodged. I needed to think this through. There was a pattern here and I needed to figure it out. When I swung to the right, he went to the left and the same when I swung left. Without a moments hesitation I brought my sword above my head and came down with such a force that I stopped within only a bare inch of Sydor’s head.
“My son, I have taught you well. You have learned many a lessons all of which you will need in the near future. For you are the future of us all.”

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