Glass Eyes

March 3, 2011
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Loretta moved swiftly as she approached the museum; smiling as she looked at how brightly lit it was, all for this special event. Grasping onto the cool handle of the door she pulled, the door opening with a loud groan. This night had been anticipated, it was indeed the most interesting thing to come to this boring town. Loretta couldn’t help but be amazed; the town museum had been completely transformed. Bright lights swung from overhead, loud music busted forth from speakers that had been places around, and most of all, the people.
She found it hard to believe that so many people came to this event. Sucking in a breath, she squeezed between two of them, popping up with a gasp. “Oh.” She whispered as she settled herself, fixing the miniature top hat that sat upon her head. Patting down her checkered dress she moved on. This night was really big, it was entitled Night at the Museum, where the ‘exhibits’ come to life. In all reality, everyone knew that they were just people dressed up; it was silly to think otherwise.
Loretta stumbled along, weaving throughout the crowds of people; all the while she stared down at the pamphlet in her hands. “Let’s see.” She whispered, trailing her finger down the black printed letters. There were many ‘exhibits’ to see; Egyptians, astronauts, Indians, civil war men, dolls, and so the list went on. She recalled seeing a few of them as she walked, most of them actually. She climbed the stairs to get a better look at the first floor; walking slowly in her Victorian inspired heels. There wasn’t much to see after that though and it disappointed her that this was such a small place. From the top floor she could spot a group of cutely dress people who were about her age.
The clothes they wore gave their possession as worker away. The colored dresses bounced along with matching bows. The flowing coats of boys wrinkled as bent arms reached to straighten top hats. They sight of people her age dressed as such was just overwhelmingly exciting, not to mention how beautiful they all looked. Every last one of them had piercing blue eyes and Loretta could help but wonder if they were real. One of the younger girl looked up, ad if she knew she was being watched, and stared at her. She shifted under the gaze. The young girl’s eyes, never mind the blueness, were just clear and pristine. They was they looked reminded Loretta of someone who had been daydreaming, glazed over and glassy.
The stare had soon become uncomfortable and Loretta turned away, only to bump into the small of frame of a little girl. “Oh!” the child sang happily. “You’re a cool doll!”
Loretta bit her lip, unsure at how to reply to being mistaken as one of those lovely people she had seen downstairs. Being shy and embarrassed, Loretta felt herself unable to correct the girl so she merely smiled at her, curtsying before scurrying away. The night continued on like such, many others mistaking her as a doll. Loretta wasn’t bothered by this and kept on normally, stopping to smile at anyone who made the minor mistake.
It had been long since she had arrived at the museum, exploring every room whole-heartedly, but now there were none left. She sighed as she walked on, hoping to find a hidden exhibit of some sorts and when she did she was shocked. At the end of a dark hallway she spotted a little bit of light. With only excitement fueling her she walked forward towards the room in which now laughter could be heard from. Loretta reached the door, peeking her head through, smiling at her find; the hidden doll room. On miniature stools sat two of the people dressed liked dolls. As Loretta entered their eyes shot up and they looked at her with glassy eyes.
Loretta noticed this oddity but continued won with fake ignorance. She walked slowly around the room, closely examining each bit of the exhibit. Loretta had nearly forgotten about the ‘dolls’ when she heard them speak.
“She’s a strange looking doll.” One whispered quickly.
“Yes, I know.” She could hear the other reply. “But she’s really pretty.” She blushed at that, surprised that they thought so. She was also quite shocked that they would mistake her for one of them. Their tones became more hushed and soon they left the room. Loretta ended up staying in there for much longer and before she knew it, the lights shut off. Loretta jumped as darkness enveloped and she quickly became frightened at what was happening.
“Hello?” She called out, hands stretching out as she walked.
She had barely walked across the room when a dimmer set of lights turned on. With the newly acquired she let out a sigh of relief that was quickly hushed by the sight of the ‘dolls’.
“What are doing?” One asked in a voice that’s sweetness rivaled that of tinkling bells. “It’s time to go up now.”

Loretta was unsure of what she was speaking of but nodded none the less. She watched as one after another the stepped into glass case, my fear heightening with each one. The last one took a step into the case before their eyes trailed back to me.
They laughed and smiled at me. “Come on, you have to go up too!”
Loretta stood frozen, unmoving until they grabbed her, and even then her movement was forced. She felt the small girl tug her into the glass case and tell her to sleep soundly. Loretta listened and fell asleep, wondering how much longer till she woke up from her dream.
Her awakening was soon but the desired effect was not given. She awoke to the same glass case; the only difference was that someone was looking at her. A woman stood smiling on the other side of the glass.
“I apologize.” The women said quietly. “But I had to do this, we needed another doll anyway.” She looked me in the eyes. “You were perfect anyway.”
Loretta didn’t want to look at this woman any longer so she tried to close her eyes, only to find that she couldn’t. She wanted to cry only tears would not come. The woman on the other side held a mirror and slowly brought it up so she could look at her reflection. She wailed a tearless sob filled with fear as she looked at her reflection. Her brown eyes were gone and in their place were ones of piercing blue.
The women smiled and brought the mirror down, turning as she whispered. “I hope you like your new glass eyes. All my dolls do.” Loretta screamed at her as she left, her eyes showing none of the rage she was feeling. She cursed her clothes, her personality, her timing and everything that could have done this to her. She continued curing her and the dolls, all of them while no tears ran from blue glass eyes.

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