An alien invader?!

March 3, 2011
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Alien invaders have never been so cute…and vicious. Antigra “Digital” Torra was a terrible little being, and nobody could ever argue she wasn’t. Standing at a full three feet tall, her appearance would fool anyone. Sleek purple-blue fur ran the course along her adorable, stocky, catty body. Her snow-white face and belly were almost constantly stained red from her hapless victims. A bushy tail snaked out from beneath the cloak she had made from vines. She constantly wore a greenish cap with a veil in the back. Upon her forehead and belly was her symbol, a blue double dot much like this :.

Out of a brown haversack pocket, Antigra pulled out a small case. Inside this case was a holographic photo of her family. She was from the planet Mewtonia, a beautiful planet of brightly colored plants and buildings. But the language most Mewtonians used was also rather colorful. Greetings were often shunned and replaced by a harsh comment. The memory of her homeland made Antigra nauseous. But a near-by scent made her nausea run for cover. She had found her prey.
Bright violet eyes with a playful glint shone out from behind a bush as she closed in on her prey. She pounced! A sickening squirt of fluid reddened her paws. She had found them. She had found…mulberries! “Oh, yay! Now to get these back home. I’m making Space Burgoo today. These will be perfect!” she exclaimed in a meowing tone. Antigra wrapped some ramsons in a cloth and put them in her haversack.
Suddenly, there was a rustle in the bushes behind her. Spinning around, Antigra examined the undergrowth. It was just the wind, but the sound made Antigra think of her regiment. As one of Mewtonia’s top assassins and survival expert, she had a job to do. Her platoon members ranked as the leads in technology, leadership, martial arts and weapons. Should any of them be lost, game over. Mission failed.
“Yup. Mission failed. They all forgot about me and I am perfectly fine with that. Isn’t that right, little Bluewing?” Antigra smiled at an all blue parrot.
“Mission failed. Mission failed! They all forgot, mission failed!” squawked Bluewing. “Fine with that, fine with that! Kwaaaaak!”
Antigra laughed heartily at her friend’s antics. She headed back towards her hollow weeping willow and nice, steaming hot food, the evening’s last rays of sunlight warm on her back.

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