Clouds Are There For A Reason

March 3, 2011
By Kirsty Fraser BRONZE, Prishtina, Delaware
Kirsty Fraser BRONZE, Prishtina, Delaware
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A long time ago, just as the first human civilizations were starting out, gods dominated the Earth. The most powerful were Karlos, the god of air, Polarisis, the goddess of ice, Cleptor, the goddess of gold, and Snorri, the god of sleep. The four of them lived on Mount Melnaar, the highest mountain in the world, so that they could keep a watchful eye on the humans. Other gods and goddesses, on the other hand, decided to live amongst the humans so that they could lead almost normal lives. Karlos, Polarisis, Cleptor, and Snorri did have their occasional squabbles now and again but they always seemed to work them out. Well most of the time anyway…

“How dare they mock us!” Polarisis fumed, her usual pale eyes blazing a violent red. Karlos, Cleptor, and Snorri heaved deep sighs.

“Polarisis, we’ve been through this at least a million times before…” Karlos muttered, tired of her complaining all the time.

“We can’t do anything without the humans watching every single move we make!” she snarled in reply.

“Well you can’t exactly blame them,” Cleptor smirked, glaring at Polarisis through her mascara coated lashes, “they’re merely humans.” She skipped over to Karlos, her gold jewellery clinking as she moved, and perched atop his knee. Polarisis just glowered back at her and clenched her fists behind her back. Ever since the day Cleptor had been born, she had always had an undeniable hatred toward her. Cleptor paid no attention and smiled smugly to herself.

“She is right Polarisis. They are only curious of us, that’s all and there’s nothing we can do about it! You just have to learn how to live with it.” Karlos boomed trying to bring an end to the conversation.

“They are only curious of us, that’s all!” Polarisis mimicked his words cruelly, “Hasn’t it ever stuck you that there is something that we can do about it?” A perplexed expression suddenly spread across Karlos’ face and he asked her what it was.

“Isn’t it obvious? Destroy them. Destroy them all! Wipe out the entire human race and replace them with one that isn’t as nosey! I’m tired of this! I’m tired of them!” she shouted frantically, pointing toward a group of humans that were gawking at her, their keen eyes following her every move. Karlos squirmed uncomfortably in his throne and tugged at a loose thread on the hem of his toga.

“You know we can’t do that dear…” sighed Snorri rubbing the sleep out of his tired eyes. Polarisis fixed him with a furious stare before turning on her heel and stalking off.

“What are we going to do? We can’t live like this anymore. It’s bad enough with the humans watching us constantly, but with Polarisis yelling all the time? It just makes it all that worse!” Karlos whispered, shaking his head wretchedly. A reassuring hand was placed on his shoulder and he looked up to face Cleptor who grinned at him, showing a perfect set of pearly white teeth.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find a way.”

A few days later, while the humans on Earth gossiped among themselves, the gods and goddesses were busy devising a plan. Snorri offered that he could snore, like he always did, on Earth and create a series of tornadoes. The eyes of all the gods and goddesses lit up at the exact same time as they took in his idea.

“Polarisis, perhaps you could breathe into my tornadoes as I send them down so that they are colder. They will chill the humans right down to their bones and make them suffer! They will surely get the idea that we’re not happy with them and may improve their ways!” Snorri exclaimed, rushing to get it all out at once. The gods and goddesses were in high spirits and a smile tugged at the corners of Karlos’ lips.
“But what happens if they don’t change their ways?” said Polarisis with a sullen look on her face, “Hmm? Will we have to wait for another millennia before we finally sort this mess out? The humans won’t listen to these signals you’re sending them. They never have and they certainly never will!” The grins on their faces slowly died out one by one as they began to realize that she was right and that their big plan wasn’t going to work out. Polarisis exhaled noisily and flopped down on the chair nearest to her and began to examine her flawless nails.

“Well… what do you suggest we do then?” Snorri questioned, running a hand through his blond tousled hair. Polarisis looked at him pointedly and shrugged her shoulders before going back to scrutinizing her perfectly polished nails. Unhappy with the response that Snorri received, Karlos sat himself down on his throne with a sigh, his old bones creaking in the process. Snorri and Cleptor followed his lead and plonked themselves down in their chairs with miserable expressions stamped on their faces. A few minutes passed slowly in complete silence until Cleptor suddenly sprang out of her chair. The cheerless expression that her face wore only a few moments earlier was now replaced with one that was ecstatic.
”I have an idea! I have an idea!” she sang as she danced joyfully around the eager looking gods.

After five minutes or so, Cleptor had finally calmed down but the wide grin still remained on her makeup caked face.

“Well…are you going to actually tell us then?” Polarisis grumbled, sparing a chance to look up from her nails. Cleptor threw her a dirty look before explaining her great idea.

“We could put up a sort of blockage between us and the humans. They wouldn’t be able to see us but we would be able to see them!” she squealed happily, jumping up and down.

“Wait a second. How exactly are you going to make this blockage of yours?” Polarisis questioned, twirling a strand of fair hair around her finger.

“That’s the bit I’m working on.”

The gods and goddesses spent days pondering over ideas for the blockage but none ever came to their heads. They were about to give up the whole idea of the blockage when suddenly they found it. Karlos suggested that he could breathe on the world and create balls of mist. The balls of breath would be foggy and hard to see through for the humans but for them it would be easy. So without any time to lose, they went straight to work. Karlos for three days straight breathed on the Earth and watched their great plan unfold.

When Karlos had finished, all the gods and goddesses gathered around and admired his great work. Polarisis was elated when she saw humans looking up at the blockage, their faces filled with absolute confusion. Cleptor was absolutely thrilled with Karlos’ work and hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear,

“They’re great clouds by the way!” Karlos pulled away from the embrace so that he could look her in the eye.


“I named them silly!” Cleptor replied. Karlos raised his eyebrows at her as she pranced away.

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