The Meaning of Life

February 26, 2011
You glance around at the deepest shadows of the night; remembering the note that lead you to be out this late. Just randomly siting on your bathroom counter your hand writing though you swear you didn't write it.What was written on it replays in your mind over and over like a broken record,"if you want to know the meaning of life be at the square at the stroke of midnight." Sighing you close your eyes as you here the last toll of the clock. even on your most important night of your like you still manage to be late. As you finally get to the square you sit on the edge by a pile of boxes so you don't bother anyone.Even in the full moon you some how sit in have to strain your eyes to make out the figure in the middle of the square. your eyes widen as you notice the figure seems to have no substance, and seems to be nothing more then a black shadow on the grey sheet of the night.just as you noticed that and started to back away the shadow started to speak freezing you in your tracks.
The dark shadow speaks in a deep mans voice," rise brothers and sisters to great your new dawn. step forward into the moonlight and cast away your host at long last..."
At that moment the silent night was broken by the cry and moans of a hundred people as there shadows detached from there bodies. With in seconds all of them sat in lifeless heaps, blinking glazed, sightless eyes.
Shivering you turn to run, glancing behind you to make sure the shadows aren't following. As you do you trip over the boxes falling into a bright band of moon light. your last thought before searing pain took it away was,"if thats the meaning of life i'ld rather be dead..."

years later as your now grown family leaves the home, you'ld been at since that night, you turn your sightless eyes to them and repeat the only words you remember,"beware moon shadows". they smiled sadly as they walk out the door. Closing it behind them the slowly disappear. some people just didn't get the meaning of life.

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Medina D. said...
Apr. 22, 2011 at 2:07 pm
this was very interesting to read. i knew it would be from the very first sentence. The whole story seems like a dark and hopeless dream. A little too short, if you ask me, but i liked it too. It was also a story with a sour ending; you did a great job :)
Alia_Tan said...
Mar. 18, 2011 at 8:32 pm
I liked the story, but i think you should have put more detail into it. It has a really good idea for a start for a brilliant story! You can totally stretch it out into a full length novel! This kind of reminded me of a poem, and it seemed to have deeper meaning. Also, theres a lot of punctial errors, most of which are on the last paragraph. Otherwise, this is a good idea!
queentabbiecat99 replied...
Mar. 28, 2011 at 10:07 am
cool :D im in the middle of two other books right now but maybe i will get to it
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