Behold the Awesome Odyssey

February 25, 2011
Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story of that robust man skilled in all ways of wit, the harsh-traveler, harried for many months on end, after he found the trust between the goddess and himself. Beyond the views of a mortal, a traveler journeys for his mentor’s sister by realizing a horrid nightmare.
Far away, a super-nova burst and screamed a light into the Great Maze, which lit a pathway out of the Great Maze.
“Alas! The gods and goddesses have finally heard my plea!” wept inside Ulysses.
When one by one the intrepid monsters perished, they, finally, roared in melancholy. The light was so intense that the creatures were unable to see Ulysses. The meteorites burst and destroyed the creatures leaving nothing but a blank white pathway to Eris. Ulysses in his ship wept in sorrow as he followed the blank path to his destination.
“You have shown concerns, resilience, forgiveness, braveness, and ingenuity. These were the keys that allow any creature in the universe to enter the solar system, Eris. Why are you not proud of your accomplishment?” As the goddess spoke in his mind Ulysses wept inside even more. For the first time, he let everything out! He cried deeply and painfully!
“I’ve lost my fellow companions! I’ve lost my hope! I’ve lost my will! Why must I continue on this pyrrhic journey? asked Ulysses.
“Ulysses, son of Meranthius, I weep inside as well seeing all what you have come over. However, I was always here for you! The time has come for you to rejoice. Countless days had been spent on this journey and…”
Ulysses gives the locket to Minerva.
“O son of Meranthius, never have I encountered such a mortal more loyal than you my dear. For eternity, I vow to save you from any pain.” Ulysses journeys into Eris by following the light emitted by the goddess.
Eris was a sight that even the goddesses have never seen anything such beautiful that its beauty. It had 1 giant mammoth like planet with precisely 16 moons and one golden burning sun that was everlasting. The planet was as big as our entire solar system!
As Ulysses and the goddess fell to its beauty they exclaimed “Whoever lives here must be rich giants!”
Just then a creature about 400 feet tall, full of suction cups, appeared in a distance. It was full of liquid that on Earth it was similar to gasoline, which was so 1000 years old. There were so many of them! One of them sucked us in through the suction cups. The goddess told Ulysses not to worry for it has no intent of harm. Inside the creature were receptors that enable them to see and allow the passengers in the ship to communicate with the beast. When the monster was fighting the gravity, it launched their ship into the planet. The launch was so fast that even light could not defeat the race to the planet.
“Dear Neptune, I have never seen myself faster than the speed of light!” Ulysses exclaimed in his mind.
When they land, Ulysses departs and searches for life. “This world is very much like the planet Earth but only 1000 times bigger.” The goddess whispers in his mind.
“Greetings we are the Eritians! We were expecting your arrival 500 human year’s ago.” welcomed the Eritian.
At this Ulysses mind was appalled, when he saw them look just like human except with bigger brains and armored with half technology.
“Come on smart one! I will lead you to the king of Eritians.” Eritian said.
Ulysses follows and goes to a kingdom made of futuristic technology! The throne was made of adamantium metal with rare jewelries. After going through a portal in time they reached the king’s grand hall! The people looked half robot and half human. The king welcomed him and made his robots cleanse him from the rigorous journey. The bathe was almost as though all his sadness was away and a fresh mind was implanted into him. The robots dressed him and put him to sleep.
Dawn came up from the couch of her reclining, leaving her lord Tithonus’ brilliant side with fresh light in her arms for gods and men. Ulysses awoke and approached with an appetite for the great feast hosted by the king. As the king looked into his eyes, the goddess enhanced his manly look and, also, made him a trustable man, perhaps his own brother.
Then the king of the Eritians explained his tragedy, “No creature from outside or any us could leave this solar system for it imprisoned us here.”
The king started to fill with tears.
“Many years had it been after we were cursed to make it to Earth. We were locked because…” The king wept.
“We discovered this world when we traveled all over the universe. This solar system, Eris has everything and enhanced our intelligence, behavior, goals, and many more. It enhanced everything; until one day a creature from a different universe came and sacked the solar system and the goddess that lived there made it impossible to leave the solar system and made it impossible for people to enter the solar system. The reason being that we allowed an intruder to escape. The goddesses replied that only a true man that shows concerns, resilience, forgiveness, braveness, and ingenuity will be allowed to make it. This was you and now we are free! We will give you everything and wish to help your world. Tell us who you are!”
“Let me take you on a journey to the planet Earth where life is abundant than any other planet back then. Our family was the descendants of a famous Greek Hero Odysseus. As a result, we were the special people who could foresee the future. When technology developed and years have passed, I grew up to be a scientist and an astrologist. I had a theory that there was life beyond our expectations. So one day, precisely July 7, 3007, I gave a speech to explain an audience that life exits beyond our wildest dreams. No one cared and did not believe it! I was humiliated for months; however, I did not give up! I knew that life was out there in space left to be discovered. I put a recorder next to my Magna Telescope to see the universe and record a 360o view. The graph would show a vertical line meaning no irregularity detected. However, an irregular parabola would be shown if there was an abnormality. After 357 days, the line tilted and tilted until an unknown solar system came to view. When I showed it to others they did not see a thing. I looked again and I was still able to see it. Others looked and they still could not see it. Then for the first time, a voice came upon my head and froze the time of the world. She said that this is my jewel to enter Mount Olympus. My name is Minerva! I come to people who have the character traits of resilience, forgiveness, braveness, ingenuity, and be able to concern for others. I see that you were the chosen one who is able to see the lost solar system. I wish to travel with you and seek a locket of full power which will let me enter my home. Tomorrow put on a contest to find 7 people to go on a trip. I told Minerva that my beloved scientists will come Ferox- (Fay-Rox), Irato- (E-Raht-O), Audox- (Ow-Docks), Pessiminus- (Pess- E- Me- Nus), Optiminus- (Opt-Tea-Me-Nus), Modeastus- (Mo-Days-Tus), and Timideus- (Tea-Me-Day-Us). I told them that they will have a fruitful journey and convinced them to go. We built three space ships, set coordinates for them, and got ready to launch. First ship was steered by me and traveled by Ferox and Audox. The second ship was controlled by Optiminus, and travelled by Pessiminus and Irato. The last space ship was controlled by Modeastus and travelled by Timideus. Minerva covered a fog and muted the sound so that they could launch secretly.
The ship launched into the midst of the Earth’s atmosphere getting ready to enter space. Once more, the time froze, and Minerva came to his view and foretold a horrid fate. As she spoke in a godly manner, Ulysses’ manly heart grew hot the way a stiff mountain is about to erupt. It explodes with so much pain that a mortal could disintegrate close by. It gruels and explodes on and off as the pain pores down the mountain destroying what was left. So was his heart burning and suffering from the future told by Minerva; his tears shed for his beloved.
I denied to journey on further and requested to immediately go back to Earth. Minerva could not say anymore for her heart felt an immortal pain. At that minute, Odysseus’, son of Laertes, soul came from the underworld and stood in front of me. He questioned whether I would be courageous as Achilles, leader of men, or a coward like Agamemnon, king of the Achaeans. I denied every question until a witty question came about and stopped my negation. He asked, “Son of Meranthius! Man of concerns, resilience, forgiveness, braveness, and ingenuity! You came in the intent for rescuing Minerva’s sister! You came to help our world’s future come true! You are the descendent of me! Evil must be punished! Why do you call your enemies beloved? In the past and in the present they have always blamed you to escape themselves from guilt. You have gotten all your possessions confiscated by them. Yet, you love them because they are your brothers. Truly, they are your brothers, but they came with you not for accompany but to exterminate you by leaving you in space once you lead them to the treasure held by the Eritians.”
He showed me the future where I was suffocating in the space and dying. All my brothers laughed and captured the entire solar system’s riches. The king of the Eritians was murdered. The whole palace was burnt. The goddess of the planet came and battled them. She lost and was crucified in the midst of the solar system; for the new weaponry made them invincible. They yelled out loud that Ulysses was the one that allowed this to happen. Death came and gave a punishment that even the immortals could not take. Odysseus shut the future portal. When it shut, I was furious having a feeling of a person in flames. I chose to journey and the time resumed.
We entered the space and set course for light-speed. As we set course, goddess of Eris foresaw intruders and activated its defensive tests that blocked the solar system. As we went in light speed warning came on our space ships that Meteoroid Showers are taking place in “T” minus 30 seconds. All scientists immediately activated their laser barrier. Except the last ship, controlled by Timideus and Modeastus; they did not activate their laser shield. Timideus was nervous and scared when he remembered a tower falling on him. He was smashed and was taken to the hospital ICU. He survived but went to coma. With a shocking remembrance of the past he awoke. We were crying tears of joy for his revival. With Timideus unable to on the shield, Modeastus tries to take over the ship. He was not confident or assertive, and tended to be easily embarrassed. As a result, he did not know what to do and panicked. The time struck and the meteors struck the ship. The barriers vaporized the meteor and all the ships were able to survive; except, the ship that bared the men with the lack of braveness and ingenuity burst into flaming pieces.
Everyone burst to tears when they saw their favorite members perish and grew furious at me. I argued that it was their mistake not controlling their ship. As my conversation grew, Minerva calmed their ire and gave a cruel thought that they would not have to share the sacked treasure, when they got to Eris. They eventually calmed and I sealed my tears. We set course for the nearest planet to refill their ship’s energy.
We travelled and caught in sight of a planet full of futuristic technology. Most importantly, it was beyond the beauty of anything ever evidenced. We named the planet Pulchra Andromeda. I did not fall to its beauty because Minerva protected him. Ferox did not fall to its beauty because he was arrogant and knew there was nothing more beautiful than him. Audox was brave and strong and could fight off love. However, Optiminus, Pessiminus, and Irato fell to its beauty. Minerva made each second on the land increasingly attractive. Immediately, they went crazy; for they had everything they needed in the world in front of them. As Ferox, Audox, and I were refueling the ship, Optiminus, Pessiminus, and Irato did not care a whistle for their destination. When rain struck, Ferox, Audox, and I went to their ship and comforted them. However, Optiminus, Pessiminus, and Irato did not care for rain and stared in blank space at their wants. Audox, Ferox, and I tried to convince them but it did not help but make them more and more attracted to Pulchra Andromeda. Many Pulchra Andromeda hours have passed and a pond was created by the rain. Audox and Ferox tossed pebbles at them until they approached a pond. There they took a short glimpse and saw something very unusual. They looked as though they were 65 year old grand-pas. They were startled and screamed. I ran and did not believe the shenanigans until I saw myself. I looked in the pond which reflected an image of myself when I will be 75 years old. We made an instrument to calculate Earth days equal to one Pulchra Andromeda day. The instrument showed a result that 85 years equal one Pulchra Andromeda day. The instrument explained details that Pulchra Andromeda travels in its own time by disrupting the space and time continuum. However, it effects never become permanent and that once out of its orbit the current age will become restored. It was sunset in Pulchra Andromeda and Optiminus, Pessiminus, and Irato sat there like rocks. Ulysses, Audox, and Ferox kept on weeping and we tried to drag them. Optiminus, Pessiminus, and Irato did not budge. It was night on Pulchra Andromeda, time was 11:46. Audox, Ferox, and I retreated and cried deeply when we launched. As we lifted, Optiminus turned to sand, Pessiminus turned to glass shards, and Irato turned to twigs of wood. We blasted into space quickly before we were turned to something else. Eventually we reached space and returned to our normal shapes.
When I put the ship on auto pilot, I turned back to exclaim a great news. Just that second, Audox and Ferox each took a weapon, tied me to my seat, and got ready to kill me. Audox and Ferox roared, “You planned to kill us all along, and if you do not steer safely to home, then we will kill you.” Ulysses, man full of bravery, replied we had came over the last obstacle and that Eris is close-by! Minerva made an illusion in their mind of Eris and it calmed their ire. Audox, and Ferox untied Ulysses and asked for forgiveness. Ulysses forgave them both and set course to Eris.
After calm Earth days in space, I saw a maze come close by. I warned Audox and Ferox about the upcoming obstacle. This time Audox and Ferox figured that only I would know the way out. Each took a dagger and hid it in their space suit. Meanwhile, Minerva reassured that I would be the only one to finish the maze. We landed at the entrance of the Great Maze. We examined the area and saw the entrance to the maze. Warning sign, in crimson goo, popped in front of them. It read “ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!” Audox and Ferox did not care and entered the maze. Ulysses had no choice and pled that he would come out through the maze with no harm.
Hours have passed and we came to an alien with a map under his crown on his head. He was oozing slime and Ferox ended his life with his knife. I yelled why he killed the alien.
Audox and Ferox shouted “Shut up or else the same will happen to you!”
At that a creature appeared. He dropped his cloak, revealing his scaly body. He stood to his full height, taller than the ancient Lystragonians. His blue-green skin and yellow abdomen reflected the sunlight, which Ferox and Audox didn’t tend to notice. They looked at either his long claws or his head full of red thick slime, which was elongated; his long mouth had dozens of green sharp teeth protruding from him. Ulysses yelled that we had to retreat by setting out a portal. Audox did not care and flew to combat against the monster. With his weapons, he received courage. The monster grabbed him and gridded him in its mouth with blood spluttering everywhere. Ferox and Ulysses jumped into the portal which transported them not back to the ship but in a different part of the maze! They walked and approached a sign that wrote a blasphemous lie. “You made it! Welcome to the BEGINNING of YOUR wildest DREAMS.” When we kept walking I got stuck in goo and became unable to move. However, we were able to see the light miles away. Arrogant Ferox, inhales a deep breath and screams to summon the monster that killed Audox. Ferox said, “no one can be better than me! Everything is mine!” He ran toward the light until there came a point that he could not turn back. The wall closed and a monster approached. It was the same exact monster that killed Audox. The monster grabbed Audox and grinded him in the monsters’ mouth. The monsters appeared and came for Ulysses. Minerva fought the monsters; however, she was unable to battle them, for they kept reproducing again and again. Meanwhile, Ulysses spots the locket and uses his full force and catches the locket hooked on the wall. He shined a light that freed him from the goo. Minerva gets captured and is thrown out of the Great Maze. I was grabbed, squeezed, and had my bones crushed. Minerva sprint in light speed to a nearby solar system and aged the sun until it was a super nova. Ulysses was thrown into the air and the monsters opened their mouth to eat him whole! As he dropped the sun grew and grew until it burst! It screamed a light into the Great Maze and perished the monster. The monster roared in melancholy while the locket protected me. When I fell on the soft goo of the monsters’, I immediately raced out of the maze. Minerva gave me the speed of a horse and swiftly came outside. I immediately got interaction of my space ship; it traveled through the maze and reached me. I raced into my ship and launched out of the Great Maze. We went right to Eris. Minerva and I rejoiced as a voice came to us! It congratulated us that we had shown concerns, resilience, forgiveness, braveness, and ingenuity. It named me hero of the Eritians. And so, now, we are here!”
“Bravo! Bravo! Stupendous! Outstanding! Remarkable!” shouted the king with delight and energy. Everyone in the castle heard the story and was amazed by the intensity of the story.
The king sprang and called his brothers and shouted, “Squire! Get ready for a public speech!”
Squire replied, “Will do! You’re Majesty!”

Everyone got ready at their palace and invited all their guests this evening. The king got dressed along with his family. They decorated the palace with their robots in less than five minutes. Everyone gathered at the great hall and waited for their King and their chosen one. Precisely at 6:00 P.M., King of Eritians made his anoncement.

“The Hero who freed us from this world is Ulysses. We may now get ready to journey back to Earth and live a prosperous life. I say that out most intelligent board of scientists will create a space ships to send us back to what we call truly HOME!” exclaimed the King of the Eritians in joy.

Meanwhile, Minerva met Eriana, the goddess of the solar system Eris. “Is that you Eriana! I have come to take you home! Let’s rule the humans back at Olympus!” Minerva cried.

Eriana came out of the center of the planet and hugged her sister Minerva!
She wailed, “Thank you sister for all what you have done! Forgive for going this far! I will always love you in my heart!
Together they watched Ulysses and the Eritians got ready to travel back to Earth.
Eriana at Mt. Olympus recorded the adventure and wrote it in a book. She droped it down on Earth where a bard will repeat this story over and over again. She looked up at Juppiter, king of the gods, and thought “Ulysses, the man that who shown concerns, resilience, forgiveness, braveness, and ingenuity! Minerva and I, Eriana, will make his life smooth and at his last days we will give him immortality by recording his adventure through a book.”
Zeus strikes a thunderbolt and laughs, “Ulysses may you live a life with peace.”

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