Bellis & Zuska

March 1, 2011
By , Everson, WA
Bellis, the goddess of wishes was one of the most beautiful of all. She hadn’t always been beautiful but because of her selflessness and appreciation for what she had, she was granted eternal beauty and the power to make wishes to the greedy…
Zuska was born into the wealthiest family of the land, her mother passed soon after she was born and because of the sorrow her father felt for Zuska she was given everything she ever desired but, her father did not know that giving her whatever she wanted would turn to something much worse. Greed. She always was asking for more wanting everything anyone else had that she did not. Zuska stole from the poor because she thought that they deserved nothing and she deserved all that was beautiful.
One day while Zuska was walking among the land she ran into a young peasant girl, Zuska ignored the girl even though she had made her drop her belongings, until she noticed the gold on the ground it was one of the most beautiful necklaces Zuska had ever seen more magnificent than any of her other belongings and she had to have it. She demanded the peasant girl to give the necklace to her or else she would have her arrested. The girl wanted to fight, it had been her mothers, but did not want to be arrested so she gave it up as a tear rolled down her cheek she desperately wished for Zuska to someday change her selfish ways and return her only important belonging.
Zuska was filled with joy of the new prize she had retrieved, that she immediately when back home to admire herself in the mirror. As Zuska sat down she put the necklace on and laughed with satisfaction.
All the time while Zuska was stealing and being greedy Bellis was watching and listening to the desperate wishes of others begging for their belongings back. At the same time while Zuska was sitting admiring her necklace she made a wish to have everything that the peasants had so they would have nothing. Bellis heard this wish from Zuska and took advantage of it. Almost instantly after she made the wish Zuska began to feel odd, her clothes became ripped and worn, her hair tattered and tangled, and she was so tired and felt sick. Zuska was confused and furious she knew of the goddess of wishes and blamed her. She stormed out of her room demanding explanation, all at the same time forgetting that she had transformed into what looked like a peasant. The guards did not recognize her and thought she was a thief stealing from Zuska and grabbed her and through her out all the while yelling that if she was caught stealing from Zuska again she would be arrested. Zuska begged and pleaded with them to believe it was her Zuska! But they just laughed in her face as they shut the door. So Zuska then began walking towards the village furious and sad, she had no place to go no food to eat and none of her beloved items.
It was turning to evening quick and with no place to stay Zuska was worried. It was cold and wet outside, so Zuska just wondered the village shivering and pleading to Bellis the God of wishes that she could have another chance. But, Bellis wasn’t convinced yet. Just then as Zuska was going to collapse and give up a young peasant girl approached her, almost instantly the girl noticed her necklace the greedy Zuska had taken from her dangling from this very worn and sad looking girl. She then realized it was her, the horrible girl who took her mother’s necklace earlier that day. Zuska did not recognize the peasant girl and begged her to let her stay out of the cold for one night. The peasant girl was going to just walk away but, she saw the fear and hurt in Zuskas eyes and let her in to stay.
All that night Zuska tossed and turned having nightmare after nightmare each one about the necklace that she had stolen and when she awoke in the morning back aching and not at all rested, she knew she needed to give the necklace and all of the things she had taken from people back. She stormed into the kitchen and the peasant girl had a soggy bowl of oatmeal waiting for her, she began to eat but then stopped to say thank you, but when she looked up she say the young peasant girl to whom she had stolen the beautiful necklace from yesterday. Zuska was embarrassed and apologized then quickly took the necklace off. She thanked the girl for everything she had done. She had taken her in knowing who she was and had fed her not even expecting the necklace back. Zuska asked how she could be so kind and giving and all the young girl had to say was that she might not have much but because what she does have means the world to her she does not take advantage of other things and that had taught her to be selfless. After hearing what the young girl had to say Zuska made a promise and a wish deep inside herself that if she ever where to be changed back she would never steal from the poor or take advantage of what she had EVER again.
Bellis heard these promises and Zuskas wishes to become herself again and she granted it knowing that what Zuska had gone through, even though it wasn’t a lot it was enough to change her ways. Zuska changed back into her normal self and was appreciative of what she had learned. Occasionally Zuska would even thank Bellis and the peasant girl for what they had done for her.


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