The World is Dead to me

February 27, 2011
On May 21st, 2032, Science became a tyrannical hand on our planet Earth. The problem began in January of 2030 when American scientist began experimenting with mind control. These experiments consisted of the geniuses of the United States in a lab with wharf rats from Boston, Massachusetts.

Two years later, scientists had a break through with the rats and decided to experiment with it on people who were convicted of horrid crimes and had a death sentence; that was when the trouble started. The actual object that controlled the minds of the people was inserted into the ear and it resembles a hearing aid. They had programmed the machine to insert the hearing aid like object into the criminal, but after it was finished the automated machine became jammed for unknown reasons, and all the scientists were under the control of the machine.

This machine had somehow warped into a catastrophic monster (figuratively), and it was on a rampage. The mission of this project was to try to perfect the world and if not possible then to control its imperfections, so that is was the machine wanted to do. It ordered the scientists to bring it people to “fix”. It ordered them to help it start a perfect community. The scientists were the machines living hands and brains.

Thousands of people were “perfected”. Soon everyone was perfected. People couldn’t think, have opinions or do anything of their own accord; our world had become the spitting image of the theory of communism. People didn’t do anything.
The Earth seemed to stop and become hypnotized by this tyrant. There were no vicious earthquakes. There were no annihilating typhoons. There were no splintered trees from lightning storms. Life as we knew it stopped.
Today is May 22nd of 2043, and I am the last human being. I was the scientist that evaded the machine. I owe the thanks to mother nature; I mean when you have to go you have to go. I am a traveling nomad; terrified of being found out by the machine. I am eternally on the move.
Life is destroyed. I abandoned my home with my wife and two children, Jenna and Jason, after the accident, but the sadistic machine sought us out. It was a thief in the night; one moment you are talking around a lantern with your wife and children, and then your children are dead to the world. Then shortly after your wife, but never you. Your creation is intent on the ghastly deed of snatching the ones you love right out from under your feet.
My demise is a psychotic stalker; he is devoted to snaring you in his web. He is close. I can feel it, but when he arrives I will go gratefully knowing I did all I could do, and 99 years on this forsaken planet is enough for me.
No one on this world is alive except me.
The world is dead to me.

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