The Alternate Universe

February 17, 2011
Hello original universe. Here I am in my alternate universe. Everything is exactly flipped. You know how everyone in your world seems to be right handed? Well, imagine the exact opposite, 80% of people here are left-handed, the United States drives on the left side of the road, and some people have opposite personalities. Why is my world flipped like this? Well, that is a relatively easy question. Every 100 years when the stars are aligned correctly, the universe decides that a change is needed and one day, the whole world gets flipped as the sun rises. Actually, the world does not flip, it makes a copy of itself and the copy world is exactly the opposite of the original world. When the world splits, the people are automatically transferred to the copy world, which is in an alternate universe, while duplicates are made and continue to live life as normal in the original world. This is the story of the time I woke up ad my life was forever changed.

It all started one May morning with the birds chirping and the sun shining. I woke up like any other morning and turned on the television only to realize that I turned the television on with my left hand. I couldn’t keep from feeling that something was off but I pushed the thought to the back of my head and continued off to work. My boss, one of the meanest people I had ever met, offered me a raise and a new office space. Between noticing using my left-hand, the strange feelings, and my boss’s behavior, I began to suspect something was different. I googled strange occurrences and feelings and, after many hours of searching online, I found an ancient legend that had many similarities to my situation. It was a legend from ancient Mexico called “cambias”. In English, cambias means “you change” and that is exactly what my life felt like. After much deliberating, I began to accept my diagnosis and I actually enjoyed it. Because many people’s personalities had changed for the better, I decided to give my co-workers second-chances. We were all able to become friends and by noon, I was having one of the best days of my life. On my way home, I drove on the left side of the road and enjoyed knowing that there was a perfectly logical explanation for what was happening. I fell asleep that night excited while wondering what could possibly happen in the coming weeks.

I hope that you can learn from this experience and know what will eventually happen to your society. It is an exciting change and I am glad that I was able to live through it and figure out what was happening. Good luck and have fun with the rest of your lives.

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