February 17, 2011

The dawn looms but it will not stop the hordes of zombies. I grab my shotgun my, bag of weapons; turn run extend my wings and take off into the sky. I meet the flock so I can discuss the plan to save the people that Max and I love.

If you don’t know what the heck I‘m talking about then I will catch you up:
The world as you know it has ended and the apocalypse stared with bio-terrorism attacks. The dead rose up and stared to attack the living. Their victims after a time changed to light sensitive creatures similar to the modern idea of vampires. Then the &lt;I.T.V.&gt; (Inter-species Teramithical Virus) infected the Erasers making them even more like there mythological counterparts in the fact that they forcibly change at the full moon. Also they still can change at will. I was able to hide my self away for awhile until I was changed by the virus myself. Old unused D.N.A. strands for genetic experiments that I signed up to do for money fused with mine in a different way than intended. The&lt;I.T.V.&gt; gave me wings and the ability to change in to a mythical being called a dragonoid.
The zombies have taken the world leaders of old and are organizing their hordes into armies. Some of the characters in books came to life such as the Erasers, Ari, Max, Fang, Iggy, The Gasman, Ella Martinez, Angel, Total, Dylan, Nudge, Jeb and Dr. Valencia Martinez (Max’s mom). I found them and brought the flock to a safe place that the zombies and vampires hadn’t penetrated.
Then the killing started. The zombies started to realize that the people they killed had not stayed dead. They then started to kill and eat the vampires. This in turn set off the vamps to start killing and drinking dry zombies and humans. I then had to find out a way to start saving humans so I decided to fight back and try to find a cure to the&lt;I.T.V.&gt; so far I have not found ne but as I know I will someday.
My mother was taken. She is a vampire of the then and now gang. These people fallow the old vampire acts except the act of drinking human blood. They fight other vamps. My farther died and is now my worst enemy. He is the leader of the zombie forces and the head peace maker between them and the many vamp gangs.

Suddenly the days lasted longer and got hotter till almost all the lakes dried up. The icecaps melted which refilled some of the dried-up lakes but …of what was there only 5% WAS DRINKABLE. The ocean stayed but it rose exponentially. 20 feet in 5 seconds, 500 in5 minutes 700 in an hour because of mountains blocking the way, the water also slowed because of refreezing.

I think it is time to continue in the present “I have talked about this enough guys”. I say “I hate this more than you know. Max and I have talked about how to bring the erasers to us.”
“WHAT?!” say the flock.
“Since Fang left to see if any other people from your books or other books came to life. We lost a lot of time. The army he found is small, but he also found what I was looking for THE ANIMORPHS.” I say.
“Who or what are they?” asks Iggy
I open a locked chest and bring out a holographic image projector [or holo for short] and say “I think you may recognize this Gazzy.”
“I do!” Say Angel and Gazzy excitedly. “It’s a holo! We saw you build it to show us how the world was before the &lt;I.T.V.&gt;hit.”
“It’s not the that holo” I start to explain “It’s-“
“It’s the holo, the one that brought us to life,” say Max and Iggy at the same time. “It was the one that you downloaded your whole collection of books. That on which you put the sample of the &lt;I.T.V.&gt; that brought us to life.”
“Yes” I say “But let me finish what you are trying to say. Yes I put the &lt;I.T.V.&gt; in this holo but it was only to see its internal structure not knowing it would bring you guys to life. In turn when I got home and found you guys in my living-room I thought that I was going crazy and so were you guys. I remember that you were all hovering as if the flyboys of your third book were looking up at you as you taunted them to try to catch you.” I pause for a breath and Gassy says “Get to the point!”
“Ok, ok. Your book is not the only one that had some of its characters come to life. The Animorphs were stored in here, the whole series in fact. They Ax, Cassie, Rachel, Marco and Jake. Ax is alien and is very smart in relative to us humanoids.”
“So what, you taught us how to do everything you know how to do.” Max says
“Not every single thing. I didn't teach you how to make these.” I say and then I take out the twelve elements core. “This is the twelve elements core, an ancient artifact that I had restored it is a powerful weapon I have had it since my farther passed it down to me. He had found it just days before he left for his final mission for the museum where he and I worked. When my last birthday before he died came round I was sent a plain looking box and an envelope. In it the box contained the twelve elements core. In the envelope was a key, his will, a letter, some pictures of where the twelve elements core was found and a check for his entire Swiss bank account $400,000,000.

End of part 1

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