Maybe Forever Beginning

February 19, 2011
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this is the beginning of my story I'm writing, called maybe forever. tell me what ya think.....

I walk into the bookstore, looking for the newest title in my favorite book series. I make a beeline to the shelf where I know it will be, having been in and out of here many tI'mes. I pick up the novel and read the summary on the back. I suddenly stop reading, and I see someone out of my peripheral vision. I turn around I see hI'm behind me looking at the other shelf. Something inside my head goes off. I know he will be mine. He will like me for me. Most people judge me by what I look like, they see the black clothes, my wonderful eyebrow piercing, and dark make-up and walk, sometI'mes run in the other direction, thinking I am mental or somehow rebelling against my parents. I’m neither. I am not mental and I’m not rebelling. I’m a vampire, that doesn’t make me crazy. I can’t help it. In fact, I’d prefer not to be what I am.
He picks up a book, and then puts it down. He goes around the shelf and his body is facing me. He scans the shelf and frowns, muttering to hI'mself. He looks up and catches my eyes, seeing me staring. I blush, and he just winks. I smile at hI'm and he laughs. He motions for me to come over to hI'm. I move slowly toward hI'm, hoping he knows what he’s getting hI'mself into.

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