Dylan Loves Like Fire

February 15, 2011
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Dylan loves like fire. When his passions are ignited, like a bright burst of flame he glows orange, and even hotter blue at his core. His love moves and shifts, surrounding you in a blanket of warming embers, the crackling noises of the dancing flame blocking out all other sounds. Then, as time wears on, the fire slowly dulls, pulling back those deceptively warm arms, leaving you wondering what might fuel that hot blue core to burn like it did before…
They knew how it would end…
I knew how it would end… but I didn’t care, because Dylan loves like fire.

His passion flared around me, licked at my wrists, spreading warmth throughout me protectively. I didn’t care that it was nearly hot enough to burn; I needed that level of intensity. My heart had long been frozen in a black ice, long been numb to the lightly heated fingers of gentle concern. I needed the bright blue inferno of Dylan’s core to melt the frigid wasteland from within. I moved as close as I dared, feeling the gentle
“drip-drip” as my walls of ice began to melt. Closer I moved, hearing the

“drip-drip drip-drip” increase in pace to match the faint rhythm of my beating heart.

…And then I noticed the fire dulling. The heat, which once threatened to burn me, was now going cold. It needed to be fueled. I reached out, needing its heat, and delighted when it flared a little brighter…
I now knew what could be done; I could step closer, further than I had dared before, into the very center of that dancing flame. Its warmth would flare back to life, and continue to melt my frozen heart-much faster than before. Stepping close, closer, even closer still, the dancing reached out, knowing my discovery, inviting me closer…
I stepped into the core, and immediately felt the intensity renew. My heart would be broken from its cage of ice, for Dylan loves like fire…

…His passions flare and jump, and encircle you in intense heat. And just like fire, you must keep adding fuel, to keep the dance alive. And now I know, just like them, how Dylan loves like fire. Here we stand, in the cold just beyond his warmth, calling out that Dylan loves like fire, but knowing we won’t be heard above the crackling sounds of the dancing flames, or the gentle rustle of life.

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