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February 10, 2011
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Dec. 16. 3013
This is Doctor Runselforge. I am a professor at a secret Russian testing facility; yesterday at 20:00. One of our genetic experiments got lose. I have lost contact with any other lab occupants. All I know is that I am stuck here in one of many secret rooms, while the monster roams free, and I have no idea who is alive, if anyone. Wait, what is that?! No. No! It can’t b-------
Dec 19 3013.
I was disconnected when the creature, now tripled in size, found me. I am all right now though, while I was running I ran into one of my colleagues, Professor Sleicher. My colleague and I are now trapped in an abandoned laboratory that too our knowledge, has only one exit…..the exit the creature is guarding.

Jan. 13. 3014
We have found a pipeline that we believe leads to freedom. As I was exploring it I heard hushed talking as if someone was there. However, when I went to investigate, the tunnel was empty. I could have sworn I heard someone though. Doesn’t matter now, Professor Sleicher and i are going to crawl through the tunnel to freedom tonight. We have spent weeks gathering rations, since we have no idea where the pipe will lead. The professor is signaling me, I suppose it is time to head out. I hope that next time I fill this log, I will be free.

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