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February 10, 2011
By Rebekah BRONZE, Durham, Maine
Rebekah BRONZE, Durham, Maine
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whats the point of being crazy if you cant have a little fun?

Evan woke up just as he had woken up every day, with the sun shining down on his face. But normally the sun felt warm against his cool skin, today the sun shine felt oddly cold. It was like the sun’s rays had frozen. But Evan ignored this strange feeling and started to get ready for school. When he went down for breakfast his mother told him what she told him every morning.

“Evan dear, could you please pluck that unibrow. Its so odd how your eyebrows touch the bridge of your nose like that. Oh and stand up strait, you’ll have a bad back when your older if you keep slouching like that.”

Evan’s mom was very preoccupied with how he looked. Of course, he couldn’t control how his eyebrows grew or how he slouched and, as his friend Brady said it, “Walked like a gorilla.” So as usual Evan ignored what his mother said and quickly ate his corn flakes and when’t out to wait for the bus.

The morning at school went as normal as it could be. But in period 6 shop class something went wrong. Evan was working with Brady to cut out the frame for the bird house they were making in class when the saw Evan was using slipped and cut him across the arm. Evan yelped in pain, it was almost the sound that a dog makes when you step on its tail. Then when Evan looked down at the wound he saw something strange. There was something almost like fur in the wound under his skin. As Evan pondered what that fur like stuff was, he was shuffled off to the nurse.

After getting his arm bandaged, Evan continued through the day normally. Then as he got on the bus to go home, it started to rain. When Evan got home he when’t into his room to do his homework, he staid there until night started to fall. As it was getting darker Evan felt all of a sudden that his skin was on fire. So he took off all his clothes except his boxers. Then he got a strange urge to go outside. So with out even thinking about how he was on the second story or how he was practically naked. He jumped out of his window into the rain soaked night. The smell of mud and rain water filled his nose as he fell onto the ground. Then the skin all over his body felt strange, like there was something growing out of it. He looked down and saw some sort of peach fuzz growing out of his skin. Then the clouds in the sky suddenly parted to show a full moon shining in the sky. When the light from the moon hit Evan his transformation suddenly started happening more quickly. His fingernails grew into claws, his face elongated into a snout, and his teeth became more pointed. Evan forgot who he was, and all he new was that he was hungry. And that there was a house full of delicious humans behind him.

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