The Soul-less

February 12, 2011
By Anonymous

It’s not like I, to think that things can be, or should be, different somewhere else. Sure, my imagination wanders to those places where I do have a mind of my own, and my spirit and I are as one. However, I know that these dreams are irrational and odd, so I do not share them with anyone but myself. Not even my spirit shares this knowledge with me. Of course, it is taboo to think for yourself. To do something or have an opinion of something without consulting your spirit first is almost unconstitutional in my world.

My world, the realm of the spirit people. What is a spirit, you say? Oh, but of course you have heard of it. It is the inner thoughts that you have, your personality, everything you are, without your physical appearance, and it is all wrapped into one tiny little being. Everyone where I live must have a spirit to be considered human. If you do not have a spirit, it means you do not have a soul, which makes you the work of the Devil himself. Oh yes, there are some that do not have a spirit of their own. They are called the Sates. I’ve never myself met a Sate (which means devil worshipper) but I do not mind, I’ve been told they are frightening and scary.

I am Amber, Amber McFarland, and I do have a soul. My spirit is called Sprite, a unique name for a unique spirit. Together, we make up everything that I live and breath for. My purposes, reasons, opinions, and my heart as a whole. Unfortunately, neither of us are very good at controlling our hearts desires.

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