Seventh Heaven Islands

February 8, 2011
By Amanda Jenkins BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
Amanda Jenkins BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
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A group of neighborhood friends are about to depart for an excursion that will end in an unpleasant surprise. It all began with a letter in the mail to three residents congratulating them on their big win to for a tranquil vacation to the Seventh Heaven Islands. Included with the package was everything they needed a house, food, and tools if they wanted to go hiking, boating, fishing, etc. They got their letters and immediately responded with the hopes of going soon. They quickly packed their luggage and headed out on the plane the next morning. These lucky winners consisted of Dan, a doctor who is in his late 30s without children. Lilly, a schoolteacher early 30s whose focus is her students; she also has no children. Mark, a retired veteran late 50s who still works out everyday keeping his body they way it was in the military. The plane trip took one night so when they all woke up they were sitting in a house on the beach. The people left them there with only their luggage. This made suspicions arise being the only three on the island without any communication with the outside world. Having no clue how they got there, they went out in the wilderness to investigate their surroundings.
As Lilly stepped out the front door, she missed her step and landed face first in the steamy sand. Outside felt like a sauna, rushing out behind her was Dan and Mark. Mark found a machete which he used to cut a path through the over grown forest. Lilly spotted something wash up on shore, she hustled over to the box. Opening the box, she quickly discovered a note that read ‘Dear Lilly, Mark and Dan, Please don’t worry about anything you are in good hands. If you need help or have a question just turn the TV on. –Jack’.
This unclear note only scared the residents but made them realize this is no ordinary paradise island. Now clueless as to what will happen in the near future, they decided to stop exploring and go back in the house to see if the television would answer their questions. As they watched the program it all made sense this was a scheme and would not be a joyful vacation. This unfamiliar Jack person began to talk about the island and its unique features it had to offer. Jack gave them a mission to follow a map to meet some friends of his. They immediately grabbed some supplies and headed out the door. Mark led the way using his military skills. Dan and Lilly were right by him, as they used the map to navigate through the forest. Many creepy creatures were making Lilly frightened, which slowed them down quite a bit. Finally, they reached their destination. They stopped in awe and disbelief at these white pods coming up off the earth covered in a reflective material. The pods seemed to glow from the sunrays. Too frightened to get any closer to the pods; instead, they swiftly dashed back to the house to figure out preparations.
Back at the house, Dan turned on the television too hopefully learn more about the mysterious pods. Jack comes on the television and explains the consequences of finding the pods. Jack tells them to put their hands on the pods and awaken their new friends. Preparing for their journey back their foreign friends, they brought with them some tools. They packed water, blankets, knives, an extra change of clothes, and something to give their new friends as a symbol of themselves. Heading back to the pods, they feel a presence following them. Stopping on the path Mark says, “Shh did you hear that?” Lilly gets so scared she starts running down the path in the direction of the pods. She trips, falls, and lands in a puddle of green goo. Puzzled at the sight of this gunk she stands up and sees all of the pods open. Looking around for what was inside; she is frightened by Mark and Dan who rush behind her. They were joking around with her when a giant, aqua, one-eyed, three fingered alien with two left feet towered over them. As Lilly, Mark, and Dan stared speechless, the alien introduced himself with a shake as a sign of welcome. This outsiders name was Suko. He and his wife had two children and lived with five other families in the community. Suko took Lilly, Mark, and Dan around to meet all of the other families. At first, they had a little trouble communicating with each other, but they found a way to use signals to understand what the other one was saying. The humans started telling the aliens about their journey to the island and they thought it was going to be just a relaxing vacation. Turns out that is exactly what the government told the aliens this began complete bedlam and questions arose. Obviously, this was not the Seventh Heaven Island everyone imagined.
After a couple of days, they headed back to the house with Suko. They watched Jack clarify many of their questions. He explained, “The government is doing a study on how humans and aliens interrelated with each other. You can never go home because the government is still figuring out if aliens have diseases that humans can catch and give to other people if they return to their human population. I’m sorry to say this, but you are stuck here forever.” They were devastated, never being able to see their families again. Knowing they had to find a way off the island, the humans and aliens started constructing a plan of escape.
The aliens offered to dismantle one of their pods to use as a boat. The surface was waterproof so it works perfectly. A device similar to solar panels also generated the pods. This would help power the engine that would work as a motor. They gathered all the little supplies left around the soon to be vacant house. Lilly, Dan, and Mark visited the pods one more time to tell everyone good-bye and thank you for all the help they gave them. Lilly felt in her pocket and forgot that she still had to give her new friends something to symbolize herself. She took out a book and gave it to one of the alien children. They could practice and learn how to read like humans. Dan gave Suko a description of a plant he saw on the island that would heal Suko’s dying daughter. That is the best way he knew how to repay Suko for everything. Mark gave the whole community a compass so they will always know where to find the humans if they needed any help. The aliens, proud of their new found friends, sadly waved good-bye as their new human friends grew smaller as disappeared over the horizon. Hoping one day, they could escape the government and return with their families to their homeland.

The author's comments:
I am a student in a creative writing class. This is a short story for a project.

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mymaltese said...
on Feb. 10 2011 at 10:18 pm
Awesome story, makes me want to know more about what happened to everyone on Seventh Heaven Island!

DAJ796 said...
on Feb. 10 2011 at 5:52 pm
This story shows very good imagery by the author


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