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The fallen shifter

February 6, 2011
By EllieeeeX BRONZE, Bexleyheath, Other
EllieeeeX BRONZE, Bexleyheath, Other
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"Ty!" I screamed at the top of my voice. 'Just... leave me...' I heard in my head. I thought back, 'Never. I need you, and... I love you.' He flashed his million pound smile, and forced the demon off of him. 'I, love you too, you know that, so here I am.' I almost melted inside, then I remembered the real reason we were here. To rescue the love of my life, Ollie. "So, just remind me of why were doing this?" I heard from behind me. Jake was laying along the seats, bored. I rolled my eyes. "You know why, Jakey." Of course he knew. "Well, yeah, I guess, just tell me again." A monkey could hear the boredom in his voice. Tyler was driving my nice deep purple Porsche quite dangerously. 'Slow down!' I messaged over to him. 'I don't want my beautiful car in pieces before I've even driven it!' He didn't say anything back, but I saw the corner of his mouth turn up. "Okay, well you know were going to save Ollie from those people..." "And what are their names again?" You KNOW their names you retard, I thought sarcastically. I even got a chuckle from Ty. "You know this! Fine, their names are Kelly and Daniel. Can I carry on?" I asked sarcastically. I saw him nod, and he closed his eyes. "So, were saving Ollie from Kelly and Daniel, but we don't know just where he's being held right now. Were travelling to one of the gates to enter the place where he is right now. We'll do it no matter what, because... you know why." Jake yawned. "Kay, sure. But what do we do now?" Did he lick windows or something? Ty smiled, as I thought he would. "Were going to try and find one of these gate things! Mong." Jake ignored that. "I meant, what do we do while were travelling there? We didn't pack clothes, well, you did, cause you're a girl. And the only other things we have are, like, toothbrushes and flannels. But of course, you had to have bath salts and make-up!" "Bath salts calm me down! And of course I brought clothes and make-up. I am a girl." Ty cleared his throat. "But of course we need to stop in the closest town to eat, sleep, and trade our car in." We had to trade the car in?! Man, I love this car. Ty nodded, 'me too' was what I heard. I pouted, this car meant everything to me. It was the first thing Ollie bought me since I came back from the heavens. I remember how happy I felt, I kissed him everywhere I could find. "Fine... but if I cry it's all your fault." 'Please don't cry if I sell it, I don't want to see that pain in your eyes again.' I looked over to Ty and smiled. 'I'll try not to.' I didn't really want to embarrass myself in front of the sales person. "Well, of course I don't want to trade the car in, but we sort of have to." "That's stupid!" Yeah, for once I agree with you Jakey. "And just why do we have to get rid of it?" "Don't you think that people might think it's weird for three teenagers to be travelling alone in an extremely expensive car?" He had a point. 'Kay, I just really want to drive MY car before we just ditch it.' 'Sure, after we stop for a hotel or something.' I frowned. 'Why can't I drive it now?' 'I'm driving it, jeez.' 'Fine.' I blocked him out of my thoughts, it felt strangely empty in my head. "Don't block me out, princess. It's weird without you in my head." Okay then, since when did he call me princess? 'Since now, princess.' He giggled. Retard. Might as well write in my diary, I thought. It's so boring here. I didn't see why Jakey wasn't on his ipod. I could write a diary on my ipad, but I preferred doing it on paper. I pulled my purple pen from my pocket and clicked it. Ty rolled his eyes as if to say 'Oh god, what's she writing now?' Dear diary, our long journey's been so boring right now. We've been sleeping in the car for about two days cause so far we haven't found a hotel, even an abandoned one. Well, I sleep in the car. Apparently I'm too good for the floor so Jakey sleeps on the ground and Ty sleeps on top of the car. They don't really trust each other yet. I trust Ty completely, even if he got us in this situation. But it wasn't his fault, he was being possessed by Daniel. I could kill that guy if I ever saw his face again. Him and his sister, Kelly. They're the reason that my sweet innocent town is a war zone. But, of course I love Jakey, he's my older brother. Only by about 2 years, and he's 20. I think Ty's 21, but he's been stuck at that age for about 400 years. Ty's a bit shorter than Jakey, that's because people from his time were shorter than the average person now. Ty has dark brown hair with sparkling green eyes, with red lips you just want to kiss every second of the day. I think he influences me when I think about them, because I don't normally think about those things, or do I? I don't really know. Anyway, Ty works out at the gym, so if we ever get the chance to go to the beach, I know what's under that top. And just why am I thinking about the beach? Anyway, for a vampire, he has nice tanned skin. My brother Jakey has floppy blond hair, pinky lips and sea blue eyes, this all compliments his pale skin. We have weird eyes, one day his would be sea blue like normal, then we'd switch eye colours. And then I guess I haven't described me yet. My name's Abbie Edwards, I live in a small town with my brother, and my dad. My two best friends are Alex Rouse and Dani Holmes, we'd die for each other. The one I could never leave is Ollie, the love of my life. He's the whole reason why were travelling thousands of miles, might get hurt, might even die. Yeah, he means that much to me. I have sky blue eyes which change colour to Jakey's sometimes. I have golden, syrupy coloured hair that falls in soft curls to my waist. It feels like silk after I've brushed it all. I have a straight little nose and deep pink lips. According to some people they look the colour of some pretty pink coral. I tan naturally well, the opposite to Jakey, who burns in sunlight. He's like a vampire himself. I'm 5'5", quite slim, curves in all the right places. Back in my secondary school, I'm the person everyone wants to know. Or at least, everyone wanted to know. I've actually died before. I went to a spiritual place, heaven, as you might call it. I got released from that place when Ollie's and Ty's synchronised cry of pain got heard there. I don't remember what happened after, but I returned, falling from the sky, and I had wings. I guess you could call me a fallen angel, and I'm a shape-shifter. I can transform into a phoenix, with shimmering golden feathers. I normally stay in my half human, half phoenix form, it's nicer in a way. I have to use my powers to keep my wings concealed from people, and weird things, like Kelly and Daniel, but they know about me and what happened. When I transform, it's the most amazing feeling you can get. I just feel so free, not bound to human rules. The only annoying thing is that I have an aura. Well, of course everyone has an aura, but mine glows on the outside, for which everyone can see. Ty's been teaching me about how to hold it in, and I'm doing a good job of it right now. Now and then a flash of violet shocks people, and that's my aura breaking through my powers. I just don't understand how Ty does all of this. But of course, he's been dead for about 400 years. He's a good teacher, and I'm glad I get to travel with him. If he was any different, I would hate to be with him. His personality just lifts me up, makes me happy, even if he can be mean at times. Like now, he wants me to sell my car. I love this car, but if it means getting Ollie back, I'd do anything. Ty does feel guilty about the deal he made with Kelly and Daniel. He wishes he never even laid eyes on them. But, he was being possessed at the time, so he basically had no chance. And he was a bit p***ed at the time, over something. Maybe because of my first week back on earth Ollie wouldn't let me see him? I guess I'll never know. "You want to kill Daniel and Kelly that bad, huh?" I looked up from my diary and saw that Ty had stopped the car and was leaning over my shoulder, reading. I snatched it away before he could read what I'd written about him. "My diary. No reading Ty!" He gave me a hurt look, and smiled after. "Fine, I'll just read it when you're asleep." 'You really wanna try that?' I messaged to him. He nodded, still smiling away. "By the way, I stopped because we've finally come into some place that I don't know the name of. Princess, we have to hand over the car." 'Oh... that's so gay, you didn't even let me drive it! And seriously, I hate the name princess!' 'Don't worry, you can at least choose the new car. And just so you should know, I like calling you that, so sorry, but it's staying. Princess.' Mong. Well at least I got to choose the new car. I slipped my diary and pen into my duffel bag and slung it over my shoulder. I sighed, I was gunna miss this pretty car. I pushed open the door and almost fell out. Ty snickered at this. I turned round and gave him a dirty look. I could just see that Jake was snoozing on the back seat. "Jakey!" I shouted. He lifted his head, and looked round, confused. "What? I wasn't asleep." Of course he wasn't. "Come on. We have to change the car over." He yawned and nodded. I hopped out of the car, while Jake grabbed his ipod and his man-bag. I slammed the door and Ty came up behind me. It shocked me, cause I'm like that, I jump at anything. "God! Don't do that!" I said, shocked. He stepped back, laughing. "Just wanted to say, it's okay. Let's go see that sales person." I nodded, and just remembered Jake still sitting in the car. "Oh yeah! Jakey, you need to look after the car." He nodded, still half asleep. "Why, hello! How can I help you?" This voice came from a fat ginger man in front of Ty. "Hello, we'd like to trade this car in." The man checked the car over. "Well, I can't understand why you'd want to sell this beauty!" "Its for personal reasons." "I don't think I could do that. None of our cars put together could match this thing." Ty turned on the man. I could feel the power coming from him. Obviously influencing the guy. "I'm sure you can make some kind of deal. We'll take two of your finest cars, and you will take this car gladly." The source of power faded quickly. The man simply looked stunned. "But of course, I can make a deal! How about you take your pick, while I sort the papers." And he waddled away to his office. Jake came up to us."Sold the car then?" I nodded, still a bit sad my car was going to stay in this trampy little place. "Yeah. The penguins sorting it out for us." I giggled. That cheered me up a bit. "Fine then. I might go check this place out. Get something, you know." He wandered off to some cafe on the other side of the road. "Get me a chocolate muffin!" I shouted after him. He just waved his hand. Penguin man came hurrying back. "Okay, it's all sorted. Take your pick of any two cars and their yours." He was practically breathing down our necks. In the end we chose a crappy little grey ford fiesta and a silver volkswagon polo. Those two cars definitely wouldn't stand out in any place we went. The man waddled away to that cafe, probably to get two big breakfasts. I sat down on one of the cars, Ty sat next to me. It was just too much, I missed Ollie, I missed my dad and everyone from my town. Since I died I wasn't allowed to speak to anyone other than Dani, Alex, Ollie, Jakey and Ty. And I missed all my happy memories, and my car. Ty could sense this. He wrapped his arms round my waist and pulled my head down onto his shoulder. I felt one tear leak out of my eye. He wiped it away and gave me a bear hug. After we both leaned back to look at the sky. I saw Jakey come out of the cafe with his bacon bagel ( it's what he always buys) and my chocolate muffin. I put my hands up out of habit, and Ty's hands brushed against them. An electric sensation came from where we were touching. I'd never gotten that feeling when I touched Ollie. It sort of felt like after you get pins and needles and the feeling comes back into your dead whatever. It was actually quite nice. We tried to pull our hands away, but they wouldn't obey. My wings were fluttering nervously. Jakey saw this, and this weird expression came onto his face. We finally broke apart, but Jakey did see it. "Heres your muffin, Abs." He handed it over, trying not to touch my hand. And just why did he have a problem with Ty comforting me? "Thanks Jakey." And I gave him a smile that he didn't return. "We were thinking that we could get to the next nearest town separately. We'll take the polo, and you take the other one?" Jakey nodded, and munched on his bagel. I picked a teensy bit off of my muffin and ate that. Some people said I eat like a mouse, and that's why I'm never gunna be fat. I just pick at things slowly."I'll take the south exit from this place and you take the north." Jakey nodded and hopped into his new car, and drove off in the wrong direction. Was it on purpose? Or was he gunna make a turning? Didn't matter, he would get there soon enough. 'What do we do now?' I asked Ty in my head. I couldn't be bothered to actually open my mouth. 'How about we get booked into the hotel round here. Then I'll go get us some dinner.' Ugh, his idea of dinner disgusted me. I looked back up at the sky, and just noticed that the sun was steadily setting. A pretty yellow and red sunset, my favourite. I nodded, and ate a tiny bit more of my muffin. 'I won't have dinner, my muffins good enough.' Ty nodded, and grabbed my wrist. The electrical pulses started again, but this time we ignored them. He pulled me off of the car, which I needed because I was kind of tired. 'Come on, I'll get us a room.' And we walked across the road to the really small hotel. Was this a town or just a road with buildings on it? It looked like a bungalow, and it was meant to have loads of rooms. We stepped through the midget door and saw a really small lobby. Ty walked up to the woman standing there, who was almost asleep on her feet. "Excuse me." He said quite loudly. She didn't wake up, I wondered why she hadn't passed out on the floor if she was sleeping. Ty turned back to me. "Just, like, sign our names in the book and leave the money in front of her?" 'Good idea.' 'Obviously, I'm just so smart.' Ty chuckled at that, and did what I said. He reached over the counter and grabbed the keys to room 132. Were there really that many rooms? It seemed so small. We walked to our room, and it was outside. It was the single block that was quite big, and not so close to the road. It looked quite clean from the outside, but that didn't mean the inside. Ty unlocked the rust red door and stepped onto some cream carpet. It looked new. For a lonely little place they kept things clean. I threw my muffin out of the door before I came in. "Dibs on the bed, Ty!" Of course I just had to have the bed. Ty was just staring at me, amused. 'Of course, princess.' What was with the princess thing? I hated it. I rolled my eyes. I flung my duffel bag on the big springy bed and leaped onto it. I almost bounced back off of it. Stupid bed. 'Don't say anything.' I said to Ty, knowing he'd say something. He was trying not to laugh. I climbed back up and sat normally on the squishy pillows. "This place is nice, don't you think?" Ty just nodded, still staring at me. I started to blush a rosy pink colour. Was my hair messed up? It probably was. I immediately pulled by hairbrush from my bag and pulled it through my hair. It still felt like silk. 'And you're staring because...' I said, a bit bored of it. He just shrugged his shoulders. 'Fine, I'm getting in the bath.' I slipped my hairbrush in my bag and slung it over my shoulder. 'Okay then, I'll be back soon, princess.' And he slipped through the door. 'Don't call me princess!' I sort of shouted back at him. I didn't know if he heard me. Oh well, bath time. After about five minutes I was in the bath, and about to use my delicious bath salts. I opened the packet and poured about a quarter of it in. The vanilla fumes drifted up my nose before they even hit the water. They were so calming, I could feel myself sink into the water. Don't drown, I suddenly thought. You've died twice, you don't need to die again. But these thoughts faded quickly. The delicious smell was seeping through my nose. I sank lower into the water. I closed my eyes, and relaxed completely. I instantly opened my eyes, and drifted upwards."What the hell?" I said out loud, not realising it. I looked down, and saw my body in the water. Oh! Out of body experience, I realised. I looked down at myself and saw I was wearing a long, flowing white dress. Strange, I thought. Suddenly, the scenery around me changed. It all went whizzing past my eyes it a blur. I finally came to a stop in a dingy grey room. Looked more like a dungeon. It was extremely dirty, and I'm sure slimy. In the middle of it all, I saw Ollie. Ollie! My heart screamed his name as well as my mind. I ran to his side, and tried to touch his arm. My fingers caressed his sleeve, and he whipped round. His face looked furious, but still breathtakingly gorgeous."Do you think that you could give me a BREAK?" His reaction astounded me. My face showed off the hurt I felt. He carried on going. "I'm in this hell-hole, and all you do is taunt me. You could at least P*** OFF and leave me to SUFFER!" A whimper broke free from my lips. Ollie heard this, and his face dropped to something more sad looking. "Oh, my god. Abbie, I'm so sorry..." I just turned away, hurt. 'I see how you feel then.' I was trying to make him feel more guilty. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me."Oh, Abbie, I'm so sorry! You don't know how much I've missed you... Every night I cry, when I think of you." Ollie crying? Wow, he must be having a bad time, it looked bad. And, I missed him that badly too. My eyes teared up, so I turned and buried my face in his shoulder. He stroked my back, stroking my silky wings. I lifted my head, and kissed Ollie. I pulled back quickly, and lowered his face to my neck."No..." I heard. 'Shut up and do it, you need it.' He did need it, he looked awful. His teeth pierced my neck effortlessly. I couldn't even feel them, even as he drained me of my blood. Whenever he used to drink my blood, he would be stronger than any normal vampire. The blood of a half fallen angel, half animal can have strange effects on someone. Our minds linked together, and I could feel myself crying. 'Don't cry, Abbie darling. I didn't mean any of that, and you know it. I've missed you so much.' 'Me too, Ollie Wollie. I love you with my entire being, and you know that to. It's like when you left, you took my heart with you.' 'Same here, darling. Theres an empty place in my chest, where you should be.' Oh, Ollie. I'd missed him so much. And was this just a dream? My wings folded round me, cuddling Ollie too. They must miss him as well. Ollie's head drew back, and he wiped his lips. He glanced up at me, and smiled his signature smile. The one that makes you feel faint. My heart felt as if it was going to burst. With no way to control it, I transformed into a golden feathery phoenix. My tears were still flowing freely. They dripped onto Ollie's bruised and cut skin. Immediately, where they fell, came new skin, healthier skin. They were healing him. That's it! I thought. Cry some more. Ollie will get better if you do. So I thought of my dad, how much I missed him. I thought of mum, how she'd died so young, how I barely knew her. I couldn't even see through my eyes. I thought of Dani and Alex, how they were getting on in the craziness of our town. I thought of how many innocent people had lost their lives to Kelly and Daniel. I thought of all of these combined. This made a new batch of tears. Ollie was completely healed, and getting stronger."Abbie, darling, you're so amazing, even as an exquisite beautiful phoenix." You too, I thought over to him. I cried out the last of my tears, and transformed back into my half and half form. My golden wings still protruded from my back, and my silky syrup hair comforted me. I hugged my Ollie again, and so did my wings. Suddenly, as if by magic, the room was blurring again."Ollie!" I shouted. I was whizzing backwards, away from him. I was back in the bath, staring at the creamy ceiling. What was that? Was it a dream? Wow. I massaged my head as I finished rinsing out the conditioner in my hair. I got out, and pulled one of the towels around me. I looked in the mirror placed next to the bath. I looked kind of flushed, and excited in a way. Ollie always did that to me. I sighed, and grabbed my hairbrush from my bag. I brushed out all the tangles, which took about 5 minutes. When it finally felt like wet silk I put down my brush. Damn, pyjamas. Holding up my towel, I pushed open the door. I saw Ty relaxing on the bed with his eyes closed. 'Hi princess.' I heard. 'Hi. Know where my pyjamas are? I'm a bit tired.' He nodded. 'They're by my head.' 'Kay, mind throwing them?' He grabbed my pyjamas from behind his head and opened his eyes. They looked shocked, and then they looked like they could melt. Okay, did he mean to look like that? God, I'd only gotten out of the bath. I gave him a 'are you a retard' look. He threw my pyjamas at me. I actually caught them, and walked back into the bathroom. I saw which ones I actually packed. They were my favourite summer ones, with pink and white checkered short shorts and a pink top. I slipped them on, and wished I'd packed my slippers. I opened the door, and noticed that Ty was gone. When did he slip out? Oh well. I checked myself out in the mirror before went to lay on the bed. My hair looked pretty good, and my wings were literally glowing gold. So pretty. I smiled, and closed the bathroom door. I was bit bored, so I felt like flying. They worked better than I thought they could. Gravity had no hold on me. I wanted to go outside, but it'd look a bit weird to see a person flying. So I flew over to the bed, and fell onto it. It felt so nice, falling through the air. But then I landed on the springy bed and bounced onto the floor. I rolled my eyes, and picked myself up. I brushed my pyjamas to get all the dust off of it. I slowly sat on the bed, so I didn't actually fall off. Just as I got comfortable, Ty came back, with his hands behind his back."Hey Ty, what took you so long?" I asked, nosy enough to want to know. He just shrugged his shoulders."I just popped out, and guess what." 'What?' 'Well, I got you a present.' A present! I love presents! They're even better than facebook."Show me, show me, show me!" I felt like a hyper two year old. Ty shook his head. I pouted."You can have it on one condition." 'Let me guess, a kiss?' Ty nodded. I gave him my retard look."Hmm, is it really worth it?" I said to him. He just nodded. So I shook my head. I didn't think it was worth it. Now it was his turn to pout."Really? But I thought you liked presents." 'Ty, you know I do. It's just...' Ollie. Ty was trying not to project his thoughts. I only caught a few parts of what was going through his mind. 'So... beautiful... silly that... refusing me a kiss... only one... keeping my promise... no influencing...' He wasn't trying to influence me? And he thought I was beautiful, was he on drugs or something? He probably was. 'Ty, if you think I'm actually beautiful you must be on something.' He shook his head."No, I'm not on drugs, princess. And, yeah, you're beautiful." "Ty... don't lie! I'm not, and you know that." I felt my wings flutter, and they were lifting me from the bed. I blushed, Ty was still staring at me with loving eyes. My wings had already flown me over to him, and they were dropping me steadily. I stretched my legs so I could reach the floor. Ty smiled, eyes still in wonderland."And just what's this present?" I asked. Ty had obviously forgotten about it, and he was the one holding it. 'Oh yeah. I forgot, here, it's just for you, princess.' His arms unwrapped themselves from his sides, and he held a single, black rose. Not one of those dark red kind of roses, it was pure black. I gasped, I'd never seen anything like it. 'I knew you'd like it, my princess.' 'Oh my, it's... wow.' Ty's smile widened."Well, it's not any ordinary rose." Obviously, I thought. 'How come?' "Well, you know the special drink only vampires, witches, and other super-natural things can enjoy?"
"Nope." I honestly didn't know. There was a drink only they could enjoy? I was never told about it.
"Well, it's added to baileys, it brings out the sweetness and boldness of the taste. On its own, if you drink one glass of it, you do get tipsy and lightheaded. The fruit is grown in extreme places, such as the centre of a glacier, or deep within a volcano. These black vines grow where no one can live. It's used as payment in some places, vampire communities mostly. This rose has been treated with this black magic." 'History lesson much. But, wow, where'd you get it?' 'You know, some small towns have small treasures. Some people are willing to give them away for a price.' He winked at me. 'Who did you influence this time?' It was quite obvious, he'd see a pretty girl, flirt, influence her, drink blood, take something she'd offer. 'Some girl from a flower shop. I think her name was Daisy?' I giggled. Why did she work in a flower shop? 'Weird child.' Ty nodded. He lifted the rose to my face. I sniffed at the pretty petals, and it smelt delicious. It was almost like liquorice, which I don't even like. But this was something else. It made me feel lightheaded, as Ty said. I smiled, and swayed on my feet. Ty slipped the rose into his mouth and brought his arms up to my waist, supporting me. We were so close, it reminded me of when I was with Ollie. The black magic was going to my head, and I was swaying while Ty was holding me, almost like dancing. I moved my head so I was nose to nose with Ty. His breathing picked up. I took the rose from his mouth with my teeth, and tore it away. It was a pretty rose, so I tried not to hurt the petals. I dropped it onto the floor, and stared at Ty. He smiled the smile that was worth millions, and swooped in to kiss me.
I was in a strange place, where lots of people were watching me. They were all sitting in aisles? Was it a church? It must've been. I looked to my right. Jakey was there, arm in arm with me, wearing a black suit. Why was Jakey there? I looked down at what I was actually wearing. It was an ivory dress that had diamonds on the top. The skirt part was ruffled, and it had fluttery netting covering it. My wings were in full view of the crowds, and no one seemed to notice them. I had to be in a wedding dress. And this had to be my wedding with my Ollie. I smiled, happy it was the day we'd been planning for so long. I turned back to Jakey, who had tears in his eyes. Happy tears. Suddenly, the aisle wasn't so long, and I reached the figure in black at the front of the altar. Jakey kissed me on my cheek, and whispered in my ear."I love you, Abbie, you're the best sister I could've ever asked for. "He unhooked our arms, and sat down next to Dad in the front row. I saw Dani and Alex standing near the priest person, looking stunning as my beautiful bridesmaids. They already had tearstreaks down their faces. We smiled at each other, and I turned to look at the priest. I completely blanked out what the guy was saying. I repeated what he said without much thought. When he'd finished talking, I finally turned to Ollie, my husband to be. But, when he finally turned, it wasn't my Ollie. It was Ty. "Abbie, my beautiful princess, I'm so glad we're getting married." And he kissed me. That was when I woke up.

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Why thankyou :3 xx

NinjaChickX said...
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I loved it!!!! I just got sucked in by this brilliant story!! I've showed this to two of my friends, and we all said that we wanted more!! xx

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