The Battle Begins

February 1, 2011
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As the light starts to flow in to my cottage on the outskirts of Castle Redmont. I slowly get out of bed and put on my leather boots, chain mail, and sling my light weighted sword over back. Suddenly I hear footsteps outside my cottage and wonder who it could be at this hour. Cautiously I peek through my window and find outside a group of forty armed men that were ransacking outside looking for anything they could sell for money. Quickly I go out my back door and quietly run through the forest when the first arrow hits the tree behind me. I duck under a bush and wait for the arrows to stop being fired. Slowly I look through the bush a hear the men talking about them being paid to kill me because I am one of the greatest Knights of Castle Redmont and there employer is paying 20,000 gold each if they can bring my body to him dead.

Thinking to myself I wonder Why me? What purpose would someone what me dead? Then I realize I am the best knight it Redmont so I am told and with out me there will not to be much protection for the king. Carefully I get up from the bush I am hiding under. Out of nowhere an arrow hit’s me in the arm and I fall to the ground screaming in pain. The leader of there group tells me to get up an so I do then they bind my hands and throw me on one of the spare horses they have with them. They tell me to get on the horse and so I do.

Soon we are the road and our way to Graywall Desert. We get to there employers camp and I notice that there are thousands of men wearing battle gear and horses all over the place. They lead me into the main tent and throw me in front a bearded 6foot 1inch that looks like he could really give me a beating.
“ Who do we have here? “One of the King’s famous knights I presume”? “Johnson get me a crossbow we will get this man to talk one way or another”.
“Whatever you say my league.” I few seconds later he returns with a crossbow and points it at my head
“ Your going to tell me what I need to know or I am going kill right here right now”.
“Never I tell him”.

“Very well then I guess this is the end for you”.

To Be Continued…

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