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a millenia in hell

January 31, 2011
By morrison SILVER, Portland, Oregon
morrison SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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and now to the matter of how i got here
indeed when i first arrived in hell, i mistook it as punishment.
but no my friends plans for me where of lavish praise and transformation
upon entering its fiery hole my condition was terrible
great bulking size, rolls and sweat, filth and putrid smells oozing dripping caked all over.
then Medusa came to me as i sat burning, bubbling in the flames
and i stood and looked, and was cast in stone
conscious were my mind and eye's, awake, but cold and stone, paralyzed all over
out they took me into the most elaborate drawing room of hell.
it looked so familiar.
i was at first horrified as they began work on me
1000 of the finest artists to escape gods eyes
i could feel agony, pain, such horrible pain as they chiseled away with each hammer swing
i wanted to scream out , and run into blackness, limbo
but alas, i was still after months or millennium's of work
i grew numb to the suffering
till finally they finished and there i stood
only the finest human figure in this hell and that earth, or anywhere else
for ten billion years i sat in the flames of hell
nothing but screams and laughter of sick pleasure as my lullaby
till at last
my bones fossilized, to ore of steel ,and gold
and they began work again
for as i now understood my chiseled stone body
was only the blueprint for the greatness they planned for me
from the ash and coal of a thousand dead and weeping mothers
they compressed and fashioned for me, eye's of diamonds
to replace those they had so swiftly gouged out
from the backs of the finest workers in hell, they stripped the muscles to cover my hardened bones.
and my veins where made from the skin of sea monsters, and beasts unknown to the world today
many thousand infants where skinned and sent to the fires of hell to fashion my skin
i fancied myself as a product of real designer genocide
my hair, sown from silk by the most delicate hands
of the most ancient occupants of hell
w****s of every fetish and freak
my tongue, forged from the finest molten silver cut and drained strait from gods sleeping veins
my hands are the delicate one's of eve's
the first to pick that golden fruit
they took them high from Satan’s mantle
as they are only hells most prized possession
so you see!
i am only the purest abomination known to man
the anti-Christ
my sweat is the tears of god
my mere scent drives men mad in fits of violence
at the sight of me woman go mad with affection and obsession
throwing themselves under cars and buses to gain my favor
they may all be my concubines in hell
i enchant venomous snakes and spiders
beast's and monster's
to perform grand parades and circuses in my honor
and crowds go blind from pleasure at the spectacle
death there only release
but now
i or rather you must ask
what has driven me to come to you old friend?
you o' alpha and omega, omnipotent and omnipresent, creator and destroyer of all
it is simply because
hell is teaming, overflowing with lost souls
ten million more than those who have walked the righteous path
but i, and them, do not come for redemption
we come to bargain and barter
all those soul's we sell, sully, and enslave
why not share?
we will live a million lives before our tally of souls runs dry
we can join together
make an eternity, and haven for all
a legion together it seems so fair
imagine, all of them offering up to us, holy prayer

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