January 26, 2011
By PersonWithFace BRONZE, Georgetown, Texas
PersonWithFace BRONZE, Georgetown, Texas
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Scarlet and Jeremiah woke up to a rather bland and damp concrete room. There was a small light hanging from the ceiling, and a rather plain wooden chair sitting to the right of them.

Jeremiah wondered why their captors – because they were assuming that was the reason for their being in this strange place – didn’t at least put one of them in the chair, instead of throwing them down on the ground in such a harsh fashion.

The two siblings stood up simultaneously, and gave themselves a brief visual inspection. No cuts or bruises, but they were wearing some sort of jumpsuits now. Scarlet immediately felt repelled by its bleak texture and uncomfortable stitching, but she soon thought that she could try it out. Although only for a short while.

Jeremiah found this predicament rather confusing. The last thing he remembered was chasing down some sort of secret agent in the downtown movie theatre. And now, all of a sudden, they are whisked away to some depressing room wearing burlap sacks.

Then, another thought crossed Jeremiah’s mind – escape. And his sister must have thought the same thing, because she began running her fingers along the wall, looking for any signs of cracks or any other indication that there is – or was – a door.

He walked up to the wall and gave it a slight tap. It was solid, being concrete after all. He began walking around the room as well, tapping at various points on the stone.

Solid. Solid. Solid.


Bingo. Their way out.

Jeremiah backed away from the wall, and hurtled his shoulder towards it. It sailed through easily, and he fell forwards onto the ground. His sister pushed the door open again and laughed at him.

“You should’ve actually tried to open the door before trying to break it down, Macho Man.” She smirked, and stepped over him.

The author's comments:
This is purely for other people's enjoyment. I will try to update it as time rolls on, so if you post a comment with an idea on where the story should go from there, please, tell me!

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