Fiery Hair and Moonlit Eyes

January 24, 2011
By MarkSiriusPotter BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
MarkSiriusPotter BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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How did it come to this?

Wind rushes at me with incredible speeds, blowing the hair away from my forehead. The crisp air of a clear night is cool as is, but even colder on the shore of an ocean. A dizzying drop stands inches from my toes and the salt air fills every part of my body as I shuffle dangerously close to the edge. Emotion overcomes the adrenaline that once filled me but I can overpower such things now. I’m stronger than I was before, I can accept my past and my future with out regret. For I know that what is done is done and there’s nothing I can do to change it. With out another thought the ground is no longer below me and I am falling.

A month ago I would have never seen this coming. My life was as normal as could it could possibly be. I went to school and dealt with the usual problems that a 16 year old goes through. Life was average. That is until the day I earned my drivers license. Completing the test on my very first try, my parents decided that the most fitting reward would be for me to drive their car wherever my heart desired. So instead of stepping onto the bus after my day of school, I led my best friend; the girl I loved to the bright red Prius that my parents had loaned me for the day. Opening the door for her, we set off for the one place at which we had always met and spent the afternoon hours, where we were always alone. We drove down an open lane with bright green trees lining the path. I pulled into a cul-de-sac and we stepped out of the car. The spring sun disappeared as we entered the dense forest that led to a field in an opening in the trees. It emanated a comforting feeling, for it glowed of a rainbow of wildflowers. My jeans crinkled as I sat in the soft grass and laid back in a relaxing position, surely staining my pure white t-shirt. For an immeasurable amount we just watched the clouds migrate across the blue sky. Slowly I sat up and she did this same. As I turned towards her, her face glowed with the yellow light of the burning sun. Her long fire red hair rested on her shoulders and glittered with dancing light. In a fluid motion she grasped my shoulder and kissed me. Closing my eyes, I overcame the shock and began to kiss her back; I wasn’t going to pass up this moment. After a second I opened my eyes and noticed that she had not closed hers, but that was not what shocked me. Her eyes lacked pupils: they shone with a sharp terrifying silver.

The warmth that we once shared turned to a burning heat. Reeling back, I rose and ran. The heat was still flowing through me and I looked behind me to see her running after me. A look was on her face as if she had just made a terrible mistake. The tires screeched as I drove down the street, only glancing back to see her coming from the woods with the regret woven deeper into every part of her face. I was confused but what I didn’t know was that something had changed inside me: something that changed what I thought was my life forever.

For the next two weeks, my true past came to me through dreams. These dreams left me feverish and sick, so my parents didn't let me go to school. That left me the days to mull over how different things really were. Even my parents seemed different with my new knowledge. To them I was their flesh and blood: though the truth was that I am neither flesh nor blood. But really, I am something different. Over time, those who controlled the way of life for the world have to change to fit the newer world. My predecessors sent me to live as a human, a true human with no knowledge of the actual world, to learn of the people who live in the world we create to be able to serve our purpose to the best of our ability. For life could not exist with out us.

A high rising wave yanked me from my memory-induced hypnosis. The earth had seemingly turned upside down until I realized that I was hovering, head downwards, just above the water. After turning myself right side up I noticed a figure gently float down beside me, as I knew she would. Her red hair was in contrast with her eyes that shone as silvery and bright as the moon. She might be thinking something similar, as my brown hair might clash with my eyes that were entirely composed of an orange that resembled the sun. Smiling at me she grasped my hand, and I hers, and we soared into the rising sun.

The author's comments:
This was entirely out of the blue, I was inspired: so I started writing

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