They came

January 24, 2011
By logan8317 BRONZE, Kennebunk, Maine
logan8317 BRONZE, Kennebunk, Maine
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The leaves crackled underneath me. Every step made a crunch, but with each stride it made me feel queasy inside. The wind was whistling but other then that it was rather quiet I thought. I knew I had to be quiet. There are not many of us left ever since 2032 when they came. It was a group of aliens from a far away galaxy. They’ve been visiting every hundred years or so, undetected of course. Well not really the government knew about them, but kept it secret. They learned from us, we were nothing but an experiment to them, and after it was done they decided to clean up. They invaded on the dreadful day. Everyone thought they were friendly, but I thought it was suspicious that they sent so many people just to greet us, and those ships looked so powerful. Many others and me decided to go into shelter. I had to get away from the major states. I brought a radio to hear the news, and I built a shelter in the rural woods of Maine. It was packed with enough food to last a year. 3 days after they arrived, I almost decided that they were friendly and about ten minutes after that I felt the ground shaking so I got into the safest part of the bunker. The shaking went on for about 2 hours. I was so scared I wasn’t sure if I was shaking more from whatever this thing was, or from my fear. After the shaking stopped I was so tempted to look outside, but I was too afraid to see what was out there. I turned on the radio trying to hear a voice, but it was all government warning systems. The radio was saying “Attention! Attention! We have been betrayed get to safety underground, ration all the food you can, stay calm!”

At this point I couldn’t sit still. I was shaking uncontrollably even though they stopped pounding the ground over an hour ago. I was mumbling to myself uncontrollably. After about another hour I decided to eat some food so I would feel a little better. It was hard eating I kept missing my mouth and my food kept falling out I was still in shock. I was tired, but wasn’t sure what time it was. I pushed all my supplies on the door and locked it tight making sure everything was completely locked. I fell asleep after about another hour. BOOM! The ground started shaking, I was woken up. I’ve never been really good at waking up and this was definitely a bad morning. I stayed in my bunker for most of the day. After my second time eating I realized about my phone. I searched for five minutes and found it in 1 of my bags. When I looked at it I was dumbfounded. The time said 12:00 in flashing lights over and over again. After seeing this I knew they already took out our government and satellites, and this made me feel light-headed. I had a very tiny little bit of reception but not enough to call anyone.

I decided to go out side the next day. I grabbed a ton of my stuff including a gas mask stacked everything on the door, and went to sleep. The next morning I wasn’t awaken by a boom so that gave me a little hope. I got on my gas mask and my jacket and went outside. Surprised by what I saw, my jaw dropped. Almost everything was the same. I realized what was wrong. There were cracks all in the ground from the heavy pounding I heard and there was some kind of gas out that would’ve killed me if I wasn’t wearing my gas mask. Also in the distance I could see smoke all over like there had been some huge fire. The sky was a bright orange I was completely confused about what the aliens were doing, but I knew it wasn’t good. I went back inside after that. On about my 7th day I decided to grab all my supplies take most of the essential things and go out and search for people. And this is what brings me to right now I’m walking through the woods right now and I just saw an alien space ship fly up ahead. I’m on the ground crawling through the brush. I’ve made the decision to go to a nearby town to get some more food. I think It would be best to stay away from the high ways. I have a good idea on where to go. I used to visit Maine when I was a kid so I know this place pretty good. I’m getting irritated with my gas mask, but I’m making sure not to remove it because of this mysterious gas. I wasn’t sure how I was gonna eat with the gas outside but it was seeming to get thinner. It was getting late so I drank some of my water and fell asleep in a bush.

The next day I woke up to rustling around me. My heart dropped and stopped beating. I looked over my shoulder and realized it was just a squirrel. I fell on the ground in laughter. I realized I was making a scene so I clasped my hands over my mouth. Everything was quiet like the library. After about 10 minutes of this silence I started moving again. I was getting closer to the town I recognized a sign. I arrived in the town after about another mile. I knew I had to stay hidden. I silently creeped along the town going in ally ways and stayed attached to walls. I could see the supermarket in sight I was about to walk to it but, I heard the sky whistle above me and I saw a space ship go flying by over head. This was the first time I got a good view of them. It wasn’t really a circle like a flying saucer. Although the bottom was flat it was in the shape of a I triangle with a circle on the front of it. I stopped all my movement and hit the ground. I could see the super market and decided to make a run for it. I reached the door but I had to pry it open because all the electricity is out. I heard the door screech and I jumped through it. The doors slammed close like a turtle going back in it’s shell. It was still light out so I didn’t need to get my flash light from my bag. I looked around the market, and didn’t see much but supplies so I pushed a group of dog food bags in front of the door. After that I put all my stuff in the corner, and went to bed. I woke up and the first thing I heard was footsteps. It sounded like a human but I wasn’t sure. I hid behind all my stuff and picked up a can of food and tossed it across the room. It made a crash and I heard someone yell “Who’s there?”

I knew it was a human and a guy by the sound of his voice. So, I yelled back, “Me, a human!”

It didn’t sound like he believed I was human so I said, “I came here looking for food and shelter.”

“Friendly or not?” he asked.

“Friendly” I replied.

After I said that I heard him walking over to me. He was a tall, bulky man with a big handlebar mustache and a buzz cut. His name was George and he didn’t say his last name. I was puzzled because he looked unaffected by this invasion. I greeted him and after talking for a while I found out his name and how he survived. It turns out that I wasn’t the only one paranoid by the aliens. He started a colony in a big bunker underneath his house. He told me that all the aliens were leaving soon. They took a lot of resources but mostly left the north untouched because they didn’t like the cold and they already had enough supplies for millenniums. Apparently there are many survivors up here and we had more coming here every day. We started a colony. We had a back up generator and it gave us electricity. Today it’s been 50 days after the invasion. I was sitting in the bunker when George yelled from outside the huge bunker to “Come here!”

Everyone went outside, and he said “Look up.”

We looked up and saw about 100,000 space ships flying away. Everyone was screaming in joy, but me being my paranoid self I was nervous about what was gonna happen next. It’s been about two hours since the aliens left. We were still outside when I saw about 10,000 ships coming bye. They were dropping something but I wasn’t sure what it was. I saw an explosion in the sky about the size of rhode island. The whole earth warmed up about 50 degrees. The snow on the ground was melting, and my skin was burning. All of a sudden there was another one of these explosions but much closer. I was already in the bunker because of the first one, but there were people outside who just disintegrated. They weren’t done though there was one right above us and the room was filled with light. I felt on fire and it felt like the earth was collapsing on itself. And then I was gone, my story no more and the aliens won, and no more earth.

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