A Girl Unknown

January 21, 2011
“I am a queen and I will not have such a monstrosity living within my royal palace,” disgust flowed thick in her tone.

She turned to leave. “Madam, if I may speak,” the unacknowledged voice sounded from behind her. What was it people and their inability to follow rules? Sighing, she turned around, “If you wish to do so quickly, yes.”

“She is your daughter, she is not a monstrosity as you so carelessly put it, in the least bit my queen. We can’t have her thrown out for she was just conceived. To do so would cause the gods to look down upon us.”

Who was this man, and why dare he speak to her in such a manner! “Excuse me, but who in the name of Zeus do you think you are talking to? I am no commoner walking about on the streets begging for food. I am no one to you but your queen, and you best watch your tongue or I shall have it removed. Again, I will not have such a monstrosity living within my royal palace, even if it is newly conceived it will not live here as royalty, ever.”

“Then where will she go? The gods bless you with a daughter and, yet, there you stand acting as if she is nothing but a mere peasant! Pardon me for my tongue but, your Highness, it is unjust. The whole council agrees on this decision. What are you planning to do with her, your daughter that is.”

This man has a lot of nerve, as does the council, to stand here and tell her that her decision will displease the gods. “I will what ever it is I please to my daughter, and if the gods choose to punish me I will deal with the consequences. They knew very well that I wanted a son to rule my country land, and they dare give me a daughter?! If the gods so much as cared about me then they would have willed it so for me to have a son. As a matter of fact, I do believe, that your gods have betrayed me, therefore, all temples shall be destroyed,” she turned to General Adeipho, “General, see to it that every priest leaves the temples, if they refuse to leave their positions, see to it that they burn along with the temples. I hope you choose to obey me, because we all know that treachery is punishable by death. I don’t want to have to find a new general as well as a new council.”

The general’s eye widened in terror along with the council’s. Good, they were afraid, they should be. She was queen of this country and she would not trifled or thwarted with, by anyone.

If the gods were as loyal as they are praised to be, then they will prove themselves to be worthy and save their precious temples. If they choose to kill her for it, so be it, she will see to it that she has her vengeance.

Laughing to herself she turned to face the council, “I suggest that you follow me or your life will be at end as his is soon to be, regardless of what your Fates plan,” the man to whom she pointed froze at her words. He was to be executed for trying to protect a child’s life, her daughter’s life.

The man was right about one thing, she couldn’t throw her out at such an age, but one thing was for sure, she would not live as royalty, ever.

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