The Invasion and the Attack

“Is anybody out there?”
The cave was really dark and I couldn’t see a thing.
“Whoa what was that?”
I walked towards where the noise was coming from. As I walked towards the noise a shadow as sweat rolled down my forehead and my hands were shaking to a point I could not hold still.
“Wh...Who’s there?” I said as my voice began breaking.
All of a sudden from behind a big rock came these weird looking humans that I have never seen before.
“Who are you?”
They looked at me like they were looking at money. The little human did not look at me the same as the others did. His eyes were real huge and he shivered as he clamped his fingers onto the shirt of the bigger human. One human looked with a blank look on their face.
“Who are you?”
“What are you?”
I stared at them and replied “well, I am well, my name is very long so just for short you can call me “Q”.
They said like they just found out a new letter.
“Yes, Q, and I am here with a message to your leader.”
“Our leader?” “You mean the president?”
“Yes, this president you speak of.”
“What for?”
“To warn of an attack, an invasion.”
The creatures then looked more scared then ever.
“If you need to speak to the president, then we need to find a way to contact him.”
We then went back to where my ship has crash landed. As we got near the spot of the crash, these giant lights came flashing in as these giant mechanical machines were gliding across the sky. Then vehicles came on the ground with giant machines that looked like some sort of weapons.
“What is going on?”
“It’s the government; they have found your ship.”
“But what will we do now?”
“We have to confront them and tell them why you are here?”
So we ran to where the machines where surrounding the ship.
When the little human yelled, everyone looked and pointed their weapons. Then out of the giant weapon looking machine came another human who wore this jacket with tons of medals hanging on it.
The human yelled as he pulled out a smaller weapon and looked like he was going to attack.
“Stop don’t shoot.”
“He has important information.”
When I moved my hand to grab the papers that had the plans of the attack, the human began firing. As he fired the weapon, I closed my eyes to not see what was happening. After the firing had stopped, I then opened my eyes to see that he had killed the family that has helped me. I had just looked on, seeing each of the creatures lying on the ground motionless, I began to have anger and rage for these creatures that kill. The government people grabbed me and threw me in a truck and drove off. After a few hours, the truck came to a halt and I feel I have arrived at the destination. In my head I thought “these people deserve no sympathy”. They have taken the lives on the innocent and must face consequences.
“ Hey, you people are going to pay for what you have done to me and that family back there?”
After saying that, I heard some kind of chuckle or laugh, and one guy laughed and replied “yea, you and what army?”
“ Ohh you will see what army.”
They then took me into some locked chamber. So there I sat waiting for the moment these humans pay for what they have done.
A year has gone by and I am still locked up plotting revenge. From the window on the roof I saw the night sky. I looked around the stars and the far away planets.
“ Wait, whats this?”
I saw this shining light just go right by the moon. It must be them; they have come for the invasion and are ready to attack. These humans are going to get what’s coming to them.
“Hey guys, get ready for the real invasion, and the destruction of all mankind.”
The guard came running to my cell.
“What are you talking about?”
“The invasion is near and your life is at risk.”
I then stood up and told the guard if he lets me out then I will assist the earth in its survival. But what he didn’t know as soon as he opened the door I had taken his weapon and have opened fire. On the floor his body lay motionless just as the family of the ones that he killed. From there I have escaped the room and went to where my ship was. There I was walking through the desert hoping to not get lost and find my ship. After hours of walking I finally got to the front of my ship. I then began to walk inside to fly off and meet my fellow soldiers waiting in the space above the earth.
I quickly turned to where the voice came from.
“Who... Who is that?”
“It’s me.”
When I looked closely I saw a ghost, but who is this ghost? It was the little human from the time I have first landed to this earth.
“You must stop the attack on the earth.”
“But I won’t, it is what humans deserve for their violence.”
“But not all humans are evil like you think.”
“There are humans like how my family was and when the earth gets destroyed, so will they.”
Then I thought to myself that maybe he was right and humans aren’t all bad and some are good.
“I will stop this attack from happening, I promise.”
I then said my good bye to the ghost boy and set off into space.
My ship blasted off into the stars and space. I then saw the other ships getting ready to attack. Then I saw the leader, the ruler as he was in the ship in the front.
“They will never stop this attack unless the leader is gone.”
So with that thought I started my ship again. Speeding up as I fly forward. My ship then went on a direct course towards the leader. In my head as went on to the ultimate sacrifice to stop the attack, I thought “a promise is a promise.”

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