Time Machine

January 20, 2011
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Do you ever wish you had a time machine? A machine you can fix your mistakes with. I sure do wish I had a time machine, because I want to be there to hear my grandmother’s last words. I want a time machine to take back all the tears I wasted and replace them with happy tears. I want to step foot in a time machine, because I want to know what life was like before my generation. Before there were guns, weapons, cuss words, crack-heads, homeless people, drugs, and so many deaths. How would the world be? Where would I fit in? Every time I run to my room, I wish I had a time machine, to hold those tears back. So in the future I could use those tears for the good things that happen in life. Where would this world be if everyone had a time machine? The people in this world wouldn't have any feelings. The time machine would be hiding them…

As I was in my deep thought a man came up to me and said, “Little girl, do you want to get on this time machine? I built a time machine, so I could see in the future whether or not my dreams would be fulfilled.” The man continued, “Little girl, little girl, I don't have all day, is the answer a yes or no?” I couldn't believe the word that was about to come out my mouth…my answer was no. Through all the mistakes that have made, I need to respect myself and say that I made them. I'm not happy that I made them, but I have learned from them. I can't wait and smile at the day my dream is here. A million of tears will shed from my eyes. I do not need a time machine.

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