Sapphire's Story

January 20, 2011
By Shakiki BRONZE, Yakima, Washington
Shakiki BRONZE, Yakima, Washington
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-Walt Emerson

The Happy Ending

Long ago there once lived a young girl and her father. The girl was as beautiful as the setting sun and was so kind. Her name was Sapphire. She was a very smart girl. She also had a warrior side to her. She loved to fight. She dreamed to one day follow in her father’s footstpes and become a knight and be as great a warrior as her Father. She loved to hear stories of her father in battle beside King Arthur and the other Knights of the Round Table.

One day as she was playing in the garden she saw a Knight ride up to the house. He was downed in silver armor that shone in the sun so bright it was almost blinding. She ran up to him and stood firm. The Knight looked at her from his horse and said “Why hello little girl. How are you?” Sapphire looked at him with a bewildered expression. “First of all Sir Knight I am not a little girl. I plan to be a great warrior one day like my father Sir Grant. I will serve next to the other Knights of the Round Table.” She stated. The Knight simply said “You sure you don’t want to be a princess or something?” Sapphire turned red with rage. She glared her eyes at the Knight and asked “Is there something you need? Besides coming here and upsetting the right hand man to King Arthur?!” The Knight’s eyes grew with fear as he stammered “I’m s-s-so s-s-sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I just thought little girls wanted to be princess when she grows up. I am truly sorry.” With that Sapphire slowly simmered down as she ran off to get her father. A few moments later Sir Grant came out of the house and greeted his fellow knight. As they greeted eachother Sir Grant asked “What brings you here Sir Christian?” Sir Christian replied “ I have received word from King Arthur that we are to go into battle as soon as you can get your armor on and your horse saddled. Sir Grant nodded his head in understanding. He looked down at young Sapphire and said “Go tell Lady Shay that I must leave and she is too look after you.” Sapphire ran into the house to tell Lady Shay. When she did she ran upstairs to her room and Lady Shay came out of the house with Sir Grants sword and shield. As he took them from him she looked into the eyes of the man she deeply loved and said as she placed a hand on his cheek “Sir please be safe and back home soundly.” Sir Grant looked into her eyes knowing that he loved her and said “I promise Shay I will be back for you and Sapphire.” He leaned down to kiss her knowing that it might be the last time he ever kissed her. He also knew that it might be the last chance to tell her how he felt, he turned and as she was walking away he took her hand and pulled her back to him saying “Shay I need you to know something.” “What is it Grant?” She replied and he bent his face to hers and said “I love you.” Shay smiled at this and kissed him and said “I know for I love you too.” Grant then mounted his horse and joined Sir Christian and rode of into battle. Shay stood there until she couldn’t see him any longer.

2 years passed without a word from her father and Sapphire went to Shay and asked “How come he hasn’t written. He always writes. I miss him so much.” Shay then pulled Sapphire into her lap and said “Oh Sapph I don’t know. Maybe he is busy. You do know how dangerous and demanding war is. I miss him too.” As Shay sat there and comforted the crying Sapphire she heard someon yelling. She got up and looked out the window and saw that one of the maids was yelling and pointing into the distance. Shay looked in the direction she was pointing and noticed it was a man on a horse. Shay ran down the stairs trailed by a confused Sapphire. She stumbled out of the house and saw that Grant was riding up the road. She picked up her dress and ran to him. Sapphire screamed and ran ahead of Shay. As soon as her father got off the horse, she bombarded him with hugs and tears. Shay ran up behind and stopped a few feet in front of Grant. As he looked up from his daughter to the woman who meant everything to him, he dropped his sword and shield and walked quickly to Shay. Before he knew it he was running to her.He picked her up and twirled her around. He looked at her and said “I have missed you so much Shay. Marry me?” She looked at him in pure shock as Sapphire came up and said “Oh please say yes Shay. I already think of you as my mother. Please!” Shay looked into their pleading eyes and smiled. “ Yes Grant I will!” She answered. Grant then kissed her as Sapphire ran into the house to tell everyone.

Six years have passed and now young Sapphire is 18. One day she was practicing her fighting skills when her little brother came running into the courtyard. Sapphire looked down at her 6 year old brother, Justin and said “ What are you doing out here. Shouldn’t you be in driving mother insane?” Justin looked at her and said “ Maybe. I would rather be out here though learning the ways of the Knight from my sister. How exactly do get to become a Knight for King Arthur?” Sapphire smiled and ruffled her brother’s light brown shaggy hair and said “Years of practicing and dedication. You have to dedicate yourself to wanting to becoming a Knight.” All of a sudden Shay appeared and picked up Justin “You know not to bother your sister when she is practicing.” Shay told her young son for the millionth time. “It’s already mother I don’t mind.”Sapphire reassured her mother. “ Oh I came to tell you supper is ready so clean up and come eat.”Her mother told her, as she started towards the house with her son in tow. Sapphire stared out into the horizon thinking “ This is such a wonderful life.” Then she turned and walked into the house knowing that she has certainly one happy lady.

The End

The author's comments:
My friend Sapphire inspired this story because she is my best friend.

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