Reviving Loveless

January 22, 2011
By SiteModel Grace Gallows BRONZE, Plainville, Massachusetts
SiteModel Grace Gallows BRONZE, Plainville, Massachusetts
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The young child enters the room where her father works. He’s intoxicated with thoughts. Sparks fly angrily through the small area where he sits. The bright colors pop and simmer through the candle-lit air.

“Hush child, I’m busy”

His voice says back calmly and gently. But brisk and choked.

The child looks hurt. She is young, only about ten years old. She has golden blonde hair that falls just shy of her knees. The candlelight in the room reflects gently of it. She owns crystal blue eyes, the color of the sky just before twilight. She often finds herself being ignored. Ever sense her mother died three years ago all her father wanted to do was invent. Or try to.

He’s been working hard to attempt to find a cure for something incurable. Death. He’s been trying to find a way to revive his wife. Veronica was her name. Oh, poor young Veronica Savel, she died at the early age of 39 because of heart failure. She was pretty, golden brown hair and green eyes. Her eyes were shaped like almonds and her hair was perfectly straight. Soft pale skin and had a semi-tall structure. Mr. Savel or Luke Savel , loved her with all of his heart. She was his life, his love, the only one he loved. He spent every moment of his life sense age 17 with her.

He looks up to see his daughter but she left not long before. He sighs knowing it isn’t right to ignore her like he has been. She might figure out his plans. But he must find a cure, he need’s his Veronica back. He takes his small electronic board and connects the wires. His brain is exploding with new possibilities. New ways he can revive his wife.

“That must be it!”

He exclaims as he holds a small device in his hand. It shines lightly, silver and copper. Finally done after his hundred and tenth try. He takes the device and walks over to a coffin spread on the table. He opens it up and finds the body. It has decayed a great amount but there is still hope, or so he thinks.

The body is disgusting, but still he see’s beauty. Her skin was rotten and decayed; no preservatives were used on his fabulous wife. The stench was intense but Luke ignored it.

“Still gorgeous” He says stroking the half decayed cheek of his love.

He takes the instrument and places it on her forehead. He injects some wires into her soft flesh.

A deep breath and a prayer later he turns it on. Slowly it lights up and begins to quietly roar. Veronica’s skin begins to heal itself as she slowly looks more alive.

Luke’s face lights up as he sees this.

“Yes!!” He exclaims completely joyous.

Her breathing doesn’t come. Her pulse doesn’t either.

“Oh silly me! The heart!” He says.

Slowly he closes the coffin.

“Sarica!” He shouts calling his young child to him.

“Coming Dad” She replies slowly walking into the room.

She is pleased to be remembered for once. Happy to be noticed. She walks into the room in her white nightgown and closes the door behind her. Her hair is braided, obviously recently done.

Luke takes this time to attack. He takes a needle connected to a ring on his finger and stabs his child in the neck. Causing her to fall to the floor almost instantly. Just passed out not dead, yet. All she would feel is her blood slowly becoming heavier, until it finally took her down.

He takes her body and places it on a metal table.

“Oh child, I am dearly sorry, but it must be this way. You understand, it’s for your mother” Speaks Luke.

He picks up a sharp knife and cuts into her pale skin. Blood splatters everywhere as it injects past some veins. Carefully he gets close to the heart. He can see it now, right under her protective rib cage. His hands touch the cold bones he pulls hard and rips one out. Followed by another, then another. Finally all her ribs have been destroyed and piled up next to Luke. He will feed them to the dog later. He pulls out her heart with his bloody hands. The organ still beating ferociously, blood splatters everywhere. He captures it; he saves the crimson liquid for he will need it.

“Soon my wife…”

He walks over to the coffin and reopens it. Very careful he opens up her flesh and takes out her dead cold heart. He places in the daughters heart careful and perfectly. The surgery is almost completely done as he takes a needle and injects the warm blood of his daughter into his wife.

Like her child she has O+ blood so it mixes well.

Her body is re-stitched and the small machine on her forehead gets to work. Slowly her body is fixed and her eyes open weakly.

She finally becomes aware of her consciousness.

“Luke…where’s Sarica...” She says her beautiful voice weak, but alive. It reminds Luke of dove’s flying through the pink sunset.

“No need to fret. She’s dead Veronica…I needed to kill her for her heart, so you could live, I stole her blood, her heart all for y-” He replies.

Veronica gets up. Looks him in the eyes.

“I cannot live with the man who killed my daughter.” Then she walked away.


The author's comments:
Love and Death, what a horrid place to be between.

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