The knight

January 19, 2011
By Anonymous

There was once a knight and he was a very skilled warrior, partly to the fact that he was ambidextrous. He was able to use two huge swords and was still was as nimble as a tree monkey. The knight was however, starting to age, he could still use his swords but he could only stay in place. Lately even when he didn't have the swords the monkeys were out running him. He was still a dauntless, and audacious warrior, and frankly he could still kick the butts of everyone else in the known world.

This all didn't matter to the knight, over the years he had hoarded a massive amount of all types of wealth. He would just sit in his mansion counting counting and counting. This wasn't always the case, he used to have even more money but just before he retired he was teaching an apprentice and he just happens to be the most skilled he has ever had. This apprentice just happens to come across a very old and versatile sword, but the sword is evil. The knight tells him to destroy it but he cannot and will not.

The knight still far exceeded the apprentice in all aptitudes, and he hunted him down and killed him. Apprehensive that the apprentice survived, he took the sword and hid it in the best place he could. The sword was buried under 100 feet of rock and the knights mansion was built by the best wall building craftsmen on top of it.

It has been thirty years since that fateful day when he killed his most prized apprentice. "Knight!! Yu comin down fir the nu giy" Yelled one of the villagers as the knight walked down for his morning tea. "What new guy?" the knight replied in a gruff and tired voice. "Yu hevent met dim yet" the villager exclaimed. "Wel he's diggin a tunnel twards yur house" the villager explained. The knight broke in to a full run and didn't care about anything he pushed his way through everyone and ran to where the person was digging. He saw the pit and leaped over the edge on to the person gouging a hole in the bed rock. The man scrambled out of the knights grasp and cowered in the corner.

The whole village was crowded around the edge of the hole by now and the villagers seeing that their new friend was scared out of his wits. They started throwing rocks and yelling "boo." the knight walked out embarrassed and humiliated. As he walked home he felt a cool gust of air, and spotted out of the corner of his eye a person in a black robe, with a hood covering his face.

Startled by the man in the hood, the knight stopped the same old same old he discovered himself again. He trained, talked to people and became what he once was.

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