Childhood Memory

January 13, 2011
By Anonymous

On a blistering, hot day in the scorching months of summer a child sits alone on a dark, wooden swing isolated from everything that is happening. She begins to drift forward and backward, forward and backward until she reaches a smooth steady pace. She listens to the mysterious creaking sound of the playground as it becomes a constant rhythm. She picks up her pace until she has a secured speed as fast as a strike of lightning. She spots an island out of the corner of her eye, but the distance appears too remote. The rough, vicious waves of the ocean filled with dangerous sharks is holding her back. She visions herself releasing and letting go and flying miraculously all the way to the island. A gut feeling inside of her sees her falling into the wide ocean and being submerged by large masses of water. She trembles with fear and terror on the inside as she catches a glimpse of a shark fin moving about in the ocean. If she doesn't make it there she will never be given the opportunity to rescue the shipwrecked sailors on the island and to be known as a brave hero. She gently closes her eyes and breathes deeply to keep her focus on track. Then she opens them and directly pinpoints the island. Shuddering, she tells herself to jump off on three. One, two, three and she's off! She's flying free in the sky and she feels a sudden thrill rush through her body from head to toe. The cool wind pushes against her face pulling her muscles back. Finally, she soars down onto the island and lands on a plush chunk of sand breaking the fall. Success at last she thinks to herself. Then she walks back over the grass to the playground and goes for the jump again.

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