After the war

January 12, 2011
By MaNgO13 BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
MaNgO13 BRONZE, Newport News, Virginia
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Lifes a game you lose in the end so you might as well have fun while you play it.

After the war, chapter one

I come to as the cryotube door opens. The florescent lights buzz in my ears and sting my eyes. All that I had was gone. My job, gone. My money, my apartment, all gone. But it was worth it. The war probably wiped out everything anyway, and I was going to quit the next day. Mother Russia got a false bomb threat from the United States saying they were going to launch nukes from Florida. Russia said no way, and nuked Florida first. They retaliated, sending five nukes towards Russia, completely wiping Moscow off the map. Then everything went to h***.
A remote town in Russia had a famous scientist that invented a cryotube, which can freeze your cells to resist ageing. Therefore, you can travel to anytime in the future. Unluckily for me, the cryotube was in the science museum and guarded. I snuck in after closing time, and made my way to the tube. It was guarded by two guards with police batons. I killed them both and locked the room. To ensure my safety, I programmed it to only open when the time set ran up.
And here I am now. I step out of the tube and start to stretch, my arms and legs sore from a millennia of misuse. As I walk down the hall, I see the same woman in the front desk I saw leave, over a thousand years ago. I stiffen against the wall, afraid to be seen. As I peer around the corner, I see the woman flicker, static and click off. Whew! It was just a hologram. As I walk to the door, they slide open to reveal the old city I left renewed beyond belief…..

The author's comments:
its the first chapter to something i might keep goin. tell me what u think!

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