My Escape (Final Part 3)

January 8, 2011
I held onto the straps of my backpack and jumped, landing on the tips of my toes.
I balanced myself, then, started walking nowhere particular, with my hands stretched out in front of me, reaching for a wall. My hands touched something cold and hard. I used that as my guide and started walking, again. I felt that I was walking in a circle, which I was until I fell sideways.
“Whoa,” I whispered. I got up off the floor and walked into the open space, touching one of the sides as a guide with my other hand stretched out in front of me. I kept walking until I felt something hard against my outstretched hand. The Meller Door!
I knocked once and waited. Someone on the other side knocked twice. I doubled that and knocked four times. I heard the classic click, clang, and creak and moved out of the way.
Standing there was Jared, a door guard, and a close friend. I walked in the door and had my breath taken away by the beauty of Meller. I am always in awe when I see this view, no matter how many times it is.
“Lana?” I turned around at the sound of my name. Jared had this shocked look on his face. He must not have recognized me when I entered through the door. “You’re back!” he exclaimed.
“Yes, I am,” I whispered. Jared, who was like a big brother to me, picked me up and hugged me, despite the fact that I was seventeen.
“Ugh!” I groaned because of his strength. “Put me down, Jared,” I whispered, through pain. He thought I was just joking around, and I wish I was, but I wasn’t. My breaths were starting to come more frequently. My adrenaline high was leaving me now, making my body realize how exhausted I was and how I could feel the strain of every muscle in my body.
“Ow,” I whispered, through reluctant lips. I knew it was the “magic” word because Jared put me back on the ground, like I was a tiny baby, and took in my appearance.
I didn’t want him to worry about me; the sound of pain just came out of my mouth, though I wanted to hold it in. I knew I looked awful: blood everywhere, and not just my blood; there was green blood, too.
“Lana!” Jared shouted with concern.
“I’m fine,” I replied. The world started to sway and I found nothing to hold on to, so I fell. And my world went black.
“Lana, Lana. Wake up, Lana,” a familiar voice whispered. I opened my eyes slowly, adjusting to the bright light. For a moment, I thought I was still strapped to the gurney in the alien spaceship. My eyes wandered and fell on Trish, my best friend.
“Jake, where’s Jake?” I asked.
“He’s fine, he’s fine,” she assured me. I sighed with relief.
I rested for two days, as prescribed by the Meller doctor. I saw Jake and it took all the pain away.
Maybe the world is not the safe place I wish it would be; but, as long as I have Jake and everyone else I love and who love me, I think it will be enough… for now. But nothing is ever going to stand in my way of protecting them.

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