My Escape (Part 2)

January 8, 2011
By PlainJane GOLD, Notown, Wisconsin
PlainJane GOLD, Notown, Wisconsin
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...understand that the heart is as vast and wide as the universe, but that we come to know love best from here, this place of gravity and stability, where our feet can still touch ground.

I found my car hidden in the trees of the forest, in which they had decided to hide their spaceship. I searched through my backpack, because it seemed like a good idea. The aliens mostly took my things and put them in my backpack, I had concluded.
I was right. My keys were in my backpack. Lucky me! I had thought a quick thought of how easy my escape was, but decided not to dwell on the thought too much. I concluded, though, that the aliens underestimated humans; but, that’s just a thought.
I jumped in my car and started the engine. I drove slowly, even though my heart was pounding so fast.
On Earth, aliens preferred to take shape as humans by injecting human DNA into their bodies. There were only few “real” humans left. There may be more, but the ones I know are in the underground city of Meller, my home.
I left a week ago because our stack of food and medicine was low. The medicines, of course, were disposed of. You have to go to a cavern to find them. The aliens have more advanced medicines, but we’re not really sure if they’re healthy for human bodies.
Somehow, in the caverns, I got knocked out, I guess. I stole the foods from gas stations and small places where I could stay as inconspicuous as I could.
At home, there was my little brother, Jake, My only family left. My parents were abducted by aliens and my older sister… disappeared. Jake is alive mostly because of me.
I drove for about two hours until I reached home. Home was an area barbed-fenced with a NO TRESSPASSING sign. There was a forest that surrounded it. I drove the car into the forest that secluded it from unwanted strangers. Just to make sure, I covered it with leaves and branches.
I got out of the car and looked around. No one, or should I say, nothing unusual was around. I ran to the fence. I wouldn’t climb it with all those barbs, so I took off the backpack and threw it over; then, I crawled and slid under the fence, through a little gap. I was small and skinny enough to fit.
I ran and looked on the ground for a black rock that only familiar eyes could find it among the dark goldenrod and deep gray. I looked right and left. Where did I put it? I thought. There! I ran over to it, and tripped over a rock and went flying. Well, not literally, but you know what I mean.
PANG! I landed on my knees. Yes, I’ve hit it! I thought triumphantly; and then I considered my landing. Not bad, Lana. Not bad but, that’s going to leave a bruise. On the ground, I brushed the layers of packed dirt, sand, and rocks away with a knife, then with my hands. The steel door!
I looked around quickly again, to see if there were any other “people” or creatures around. No, there wasn’t. I punched in the code, spun the dial, and waited. What if they changed the locks? I thought.
I listened. I heard a click, clang, creak that kept getting louder every second. Then, I knew what was going to happen; which I had apparently forgotten.
I jumped out of the way just seconds before the door popped open. Phew, that was a close one. I climbed into the black hole, resting my foot on the first metal rod. I turned to my right and punched in another code, and spun the dial. I listened for the click, clang, and creak. Then, it closed and everything was black.

The author's comments:
It's been awhile since I published the previous part: My Escape (Part 1). Still, this was a 7th grade writing assignment.

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