Shadow Goddess

January 10, 2011
Deep inside the mind's eye in a dark corner there is a world veiled by the
emptiness of despair. This world is hollow of life except for one lonely
beating heart and tortured soul. Down the fire charred streets of burnt and
broken house one structure stands untouched, and inside it's dark mahogany
door lives a little Goddess with a forgotten name. Her eyes are hollow, her
hair is black, and her body is beaten and bruised from the cruelty of her
own tainted heart. This little Goddess is the only form of life that exists
in this apocalyptic, hellish world. Her voice is small, but her hatred
grows stronger with each hateful thought as they lash at her like a nine
tailed whip.
This forgotten Goddess was cast away into this land, between the borders of
death and the subconscious mind by her father with orders she never be
released. This unknown Goddess's only connection to the light of the
outside world are the shadows that follow behind the humans tainting their
unforgiving minds as they bask in the sun's vibrant rays. The Goddess's
pale, frail skin will never once touch the sun again. The only thing she
has left are her fading memories of the bright world above and the days
before the darkness.
In the very few days she'd spent above in the purity realm she'd been known
as Laria. She'd been born pure, but was soon tainted by the hidden darkness
the bright world holds within. Her hair darkened and her eyes lost rational
sight the day she set foot out of the purity realm. Upon hearing what had
happened her father cast her away into the world worse than Hell itself.
This nameless world has been called many things, but to the Goddess of
shadows it's punishment for being pure, yet so easily tainted by the
darkness. She cries herself to sleep with the scarlet tears, with the only
emotions her mind allows her to feel. Hatred and sadness are the only
emotions she knows how to use in the twisted, corruptive lies the world
creates. She sits inside he lonely house plotting her revenge against the
bright world above. As she sits she creates the shadows to taint the pure
minds left in the world, just as the world did to her.
Shadows were created from her dark soul's hunger for revenge, upon the
unsanitary world beyond the dead world's red skies. Piece by piece she tore
her soul apart into the dark tainted matter, and created the menacing
shadows that follow us to this day tainting our minds as we did hers.

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