Yeqar 3126

January 10, 2011
By k1773rm0nk3y BRONZE, Manalapan, New Jersey
k1773rm0nk3y BRONZE, Manalapan, New Jersey
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The year was 3126 and a war had broken out between Earth and the inhabitants of Neptune. The inhabitants were both human and Neptunian. The Humans got to Neptune in 3027 and were surprised to see life. A treaty was signed allowing both sides to live in peace. But in 3100 the Neptunian government decided that the humans had over abused their abilities on Neptune. So a war broke out between the races on Neptune’s surface. Many people died, most were civilians. So Earth sent 1500 of its top soldiers to try and end the war. Needless to say they all had died. To avoid a major breakout stretching to Earth a draft was initiated and this is where our story starts.
A man named Doug had been drafted into this war and had been put into Alpha Squad 21. The year is now 3135 and Doug had lost all hope. He had been left behind by his troop. Doug was about 20 years old but looked around 30 due to the war. The troop had moved on after Doug got impaled by shrapnel in his leg trying to save a civilian in Fusset Town. He saw a little boy hiding behind the building that he had just called an airstrike on. He screamed for the boy and rushed to save him, but it was too late. The airstrike was a direct hit killing the boy and destroying the building sending small pieces of shrapnel towards him. Doug found some cover but couldn’t get out of the way in time. The troop leader did say they would come back to help him back to base.
Six months had passed since he last saw his troop leader and the members he called brothers since he was admitted into Alpha Squad 21. He lay looking up at the 3 moons located south of his position. One of the moons seemed different this night, as it was turning red right before his eyes. He never saw this after 6 months of looking up at the 3 moons. An ear shattering blast and blinding whit light then came from somewhere near the red moon Doug supposed. He was temporarily deaf for awhile after and a little distorted. Doug thought he had seen everything in war but this was new. The moon was blown up. It was the largest of the 3 moons and as it had exploded. Doug saw shrapnel of the moon’s surface now asteroids coming down to Neptune’s surface. He knew that this wasn’t good, as his leg still weak even after 6 months after removing the shrapnel himself.
Then an engine roar came from the distance. Doug gained enough energy to stand up and look around. It was an archer vehicle driven by some figure. As the archer got closer, Doug was able to identify the driver. It was Alpha Squad 21’s leader and the rest of Alpha Squad 21 in the back. They came back like they promised. But it was all for nothing Doug thought, as the asteroids that once were Neptune’s largest moon had finally hit Neptune’s surface creating craters. The archer swerved in and out of the impacting asteroids and craters to get to Doug. Then stopped rite in front of Doug and Alpha Squad 21’s leader got out and put Doug on his back to get him to the archer. Another asteroid hit near their position throwing Alpha squad 21’s leader to the ground. He got up and continued to the back of the archer. Placing Doug in the back of the archer and signaled for them to drive off. They left Alpha Squad 21’s leader behind. An asteroid hit Alpha Squad 21’s leader about a minute later thus killing him and leaving a crater in his spot.
Doug was saved and taken back to base and into the medical bay. That night Neptune shook like never before and Alpha Squad 21 was in one room together for the first time in a while. This time the empty space was not Doug’s but were there leader sat a picture was placed.

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