The Diary of A Soldier

January 10, 2011
By karl fong BRONZE, Guangzhou, Other
karl fong BRONZE, Guangzhou, Other
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'December 31st 2011. This is lieutenant Smith. I am a prisoner here, recently captured by the aliens. The area is a small cell, no signal. I have looked around and I see corpses lying, covering every inch of the cell, at least 50 bodies with nothing but bones. I searched around and have found this recorder in the corner. I will now start listening to the recordings' End recording.

' October 21st, 2011. "We have a break-in from Sector 13 and a Code 11 shut down, grab your weapons and move your a** to sector 13 ASAP!" shouted Sergeant Hayes. I rushed towards the weapon cache, leaving my laptop on and my family on the other side of Chat. Forcing by the many other soldiers, with no time to waste, I grabbed an M-16 and hurried towards Sector 13. I see figures but fail to recognize them, there is smoke and smog everywhere, it is thick and I was coughing and snorting. Sergeant Hayes then shouts my name and throws me a gas mask. As I see clearly I realize that I am going up against something our world has never seen before, something completely different, something terrifying, something abnormal. My name is - (A woman screaming and a loud bang and thud in the background is heard)' Recording ends.

'October 24th, 2011. I am stuck inside this cell after being knocked out by an unknown being. This cell is empty and has nothing anywhere. It has been around 3 days if I calculated correctly. Every single day I receive food and water, I believe the food is chicken but I am not sure, there is a distinct dirt taste to it but I stuff it down to survive anyways. More prisoners are being brought into the cell but I can never see the alien or aliens faces. I miss my family, I remember the look on my son's face as I run off about to charge into the battlefield. as I run out, I still hear his voice screaming "mom! MOM!" I regret not saying goodbye, so many things to say, no chance anymore...' Recording ends.

'October 30th, 2011. (Heavy breathing is heard)T-They, those things have knocked me unconscious once again... I am lucky they have not... checked the corner where I hide the recorder. I do not know... what happened to me but I remember being drugged, right before I fall into a blank... state of mind, I notice that I am in some sort of lab. What are they doing to me?! I am still groggy from the drug. I look around and see stitches on my body, in place of my kidney area, I feel around the wound. After a long self analysis, I came to a conclusion that these aliens may be using humans as lab rats. I don't think I can hold my head straight much longer. I keep thinking to myself, what are they going to take next? My heart? My lungs? My stomach? I am scared... I want to see my family... I'm scared.'

'November 5th, 2011. I managed to keep my head in place and thought of ways to break free. My hands are bleeding, my head is hurting, I am losing energy. I tried digging out yesterday, just to find a metal floor a few meters underneath. I keep telling myself, I must not give up, I must see my family, I must survive. They are now feeding me a different kind of food, it is very oily and disgusting, but I eat it. I can hear the soft voices outside if I put my head near the small hole under the door. I do not understand what they are saying, it is complete gibberish. I am suffering, and I cry every day, wishing to go home.' Recording ends.
'November 15th, 2011. Today they brought a new prisoner here, a man that is silent, I tried to ask him who he is and all he kept whispering to himself was "Ich werde sie alle töten!" over and over again. He scares me, always wrapping himself in a black cloak. I was afraid to question him anymore and I did not understand what he was saying. It also didn't seem like a good idea to anger him.' Recording ends

'November 16th, 2011. Another person was transported here today, this person thankfully spoke English, he was more physically fit and looked like he is in the Canadian Forces. I asked him for his name and he replied, "Major General Brown, what is your rank, soldier?" I nervously but quickly replied "Second Lieutenant Parker! Sir!" He then questioned me about the area and the updates about the place and what I have gone through. I tell him everything I know and acknowledge and how I was captured. He then went on to say that he is positive we will get out of here.' Recording ends.

'November 25th, 2011. They just took Major General Brown away after knocking us both unconscious with gas. I worry for him and I start to wonder where he is, I need someone to talk to... someone that can keep me from going insane' Recording ends.

'November 26th, 2011. When I woke up today in the morning, I see a set of skeletons near my feet, I instantly screamed and woke the foreigner up. I start crawling backwards to get away from it. The foreigner walks towards the fresh corpse and examines it. He then stares at me with cold blooded eyes, the eyes of a drugged patient, dilated pupils, veins showing from the retina. There was no way for either of us can rip a man from his skin so I didn't suspect him. He grabs his head and goes into a fetal position, screaming and yelling "ARRGH Canadian! Canadian!!" I walk towards him to see if he is okay. He jumps up and grabs me and pushes me onto the ground. He mounts on top of me and I start screaming but there is no response, he starts ripping my clothes off. I instinctively grabbed a rock and smashed it over and over again on his head, even after he is on the ground. I...just killed a man. Crying from fear of killing a man, I break down and let everything out, I need my family. I need someone here... There is no one, I am alone, Brown is dead, the foreigner is dead. I'm alone...I AM ALONE!' Recording ends.

'December 3rd, 2011. They are throwing more and more skeleton in, when is it my turn? I just want to get this over with, I am scared... I have nothing to do. I want to give up, I am sorry son, mommy is not here for you.

"Lullaby and good night, with roses bedight

With lilies o'er spread is baby's wee bed

Lay thee down now and rest, may thy slumber be blessed

Lay thee down now and rest, may thy slumber be blessed"

(sobbing is heard in the background)' Recording ends.

'December 15th, 2011. (sobbing and giggling can be heard)' Recording ends.

'December 25th, 2011. MERRY CHRISTMAS to me!!!, what do I want for Christmas? I want the hip of this very attractive skeleton here! Hi mister skeleton, how was your day? Oh that is cool, you work in a cell! Me too, how much more perfect can we be for each other?! Oh you want to know my name? Oh wait someone is at the door, let me get that first, wait, my name is Hope, Hope parker. (door opens and giggling can be heard) Recording ends. (static)

'December 31st, 2011 11:58 pm. Lieutenant Smith reporting what I have just heard on the recorder...I believe this may be the end for me, and may be the end for everyone. Rest in peace Hope Parker, you have done well. This... just... may... be... the... apocaly...(static)

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