Chapter 1

January 12, 2011
By Caerlana BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
Caerlana BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
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Chapter One

“Nurdacca!” cried Lorelei; Nurdacca had left the trainees unsupervised, only to get into Lorelei’s, Nurdacca’s friend’s, healing herbs. Lorelei, not screaming but close, was in a bad mood.

“Lorelei, I’m sorry and I promise not to make that mistake again, but Hencoto had sent all Shintioto Kamadas to post, you know, the place where I have guard duty. Reports from lower ranks say that people from the world of civilization are here and getting too close for comfort…”

“What?! That is preposterous! The other world explorers haven’t been near to this camp since I was a trainee, more than 300 years ago!”(Mecadians, the people who live on the island of Mecadia, live for a long time.) How does she know all this random stuff, Nurdacca thought, it amazes me. Right got to tell her…

Oblivious, Nurdacca is in her mind, while Lorelei is trying to get her attention. It is as if Nurdacca is in a trance. To think she made such a high rank is confusing to Lorelei. Nurdacca does this a lot. Reflexes are supposed to be faster aren’t they?

“Nurdacca!” Lorelei snaps again, not yelling but minimally different.

“Yes? Did I miss something?”

“Are you or are you not a Shintioto Kamada?”

“What is Nurdacca, if not a Shintioto Kamada?” asked another Shintioto Kamada, Lidia.

“W---were you eavesdropping the entire time?” Lorelei asked, startled by her appearance out of nowhere.

“Lorelei, I knew she was there. The sense that all Shintioto Kamadas have, remember?”

“Yes, of course,” Lorelei stated, a little confused.

“Oh and did you two hear about---,”Nurdacca was saying, but interrupted by a twinkling sound only Mecadians can hear.

“It appears we have a meeting,” Lidia said, referring to the twinkling sound.

“On three, three!” Nurdacca yelled. Lorelei, Lidia, and Nurdacca all jumped into a great hole. When they counted five seconds, they opened their gliders and went into the large side tunnel. The meeting room. Made out of rock this was a naturally occurring room.

The Hencoto herself was at the stand. Clearly the whole of Mecadia (five-hundred-and-seventy-nine people) was surprised.

“It must be important,” someone said.

Then she spoke her words, so smooth and delicate, but strong and firm. Greatness was bound to be said with a voice so incredibly beautiful.

“I’ve come with a warning…,” she began.

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first chapter of more!!!!

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