January 7, 2011
By Shadydingo BRONZE, Pollock Pines, California
Shadydingo BRONZE, Pollock Pines, California
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Something was in the room with me.

I had no idea where I was, and it was too dark to see anything. I stepped backwards slowly towards what I hoped to be a wall behind me. I bumped into something, and an object fell off and landed hard, creating a loud clanging noise that echoed in this room of terror.

All was quiet for what seemed like hours. I dared not move for fear that I would be seen and attacked by whatever was in here with me. I was sweating, and my muscles were already tired and aching.

In the general direction in front of me there was a soft, almost unnoticeable scuffing noise. Whatever was in here was moving towards me, and I knew nothing good would come of me just standing here.

I leaped over the desk that was behind me and found the wall, and quickly began to feel my way around the room and find an escape, hoping to find a door or a window. I stumbled and made more noise as I frantically scrambled around. I couldn't hear the shuffling through my heavy breathing. Finally I came across something that was like a door frame, and so I looked for a door handle or knob. I found it! I can now escape from this nightmare! I attempt to turn the handle or knob...

It is locked.

A wall of dread and fear comes over me and defeats my new born confidence and hope.

"I won't die in here!" I scream at the top of my raspy lungs. I kicked with all my fury at the door, and I put a hole through the door's surface. The other side light shot through and temporarily blinded me. I was surprised how weak the door was, and knew that I could break through it.

"Help... me... please..." A dry voice pleaded behind me. I froze. It spoke to me. The room was illuminated slightly, and near me was a broom handle. I jumped forward, grabbing the wooden weapon and aimed it at the direction of the voice. The scuffling noise was more prominent and I saw the voice take shape as it got close; it had the figure of a human. The cloths from what I saw were torn and ragged, dusty and was that blood...

"Please... I need... help..." It was blood, and as she got closer the light revealed more to me about this person, if you could call it that.

"I am... so hungry..." There was blood on it's shirt...

"Surely you... can understand..." There was blood on their chin, and an oozing green line from their lips.

"NO!" I threw the broom handle at the thing in front of me and ran at the door. I heard the cackle followed by a cough behind me, and rapid footsteps getting louder. I ran as fast as I could and slammed into the door with my shoulder. The door shattered into a cloud of splinters and I began to fall down and fast. I looked below me and saw the street several stories down. I had just jumped out of a sky scraper, I realized. 13

The wind was tearing away at my hair as I prepared for the hard landing that I knew I would not survive. I closed my eyes and cursed myself for being so stupid.

Through the rushing wind in my ears I heard a small pop noise, but it was off in the distance. I instantly felt a force hit me and throw me through an opening into the building I was falling near and I hit the floor hard. I crashed through the floor and through the ceiling beneath it hitting my arm on a hard object which also shattered. I cried quietly in pain, nursing my destroyed arm.

I heard a loud thud in the room above me where I recently crashed down from, and loud foot steps, walking around. There was a near silent clicking noise as well, which seemed odd. I turned painfully to look up at the hole in the ceiling I came from, and my blood went cold.

"I... need you... help..." The shadow said, crawling slowly towards me through the hole. But this time it looked nothing like before; there were large limbs, bent awkwardly, skittering almost, and the head looked different, not at all like a human's skull. As it appeared out of the dark hole and the light shined on it's shiny carapace, I knew I was in big trouble.

Reaching with my good arm I pushed myself up and started running past the cubicles. Once they were occupied by busy men and women, working long hours. Only faded memories and old stories remain on their desks and picture frames. Another loud thud and loud taping sounds behind me, I was being chased again.

I thought better than to yell for help, such waste of air was useless. Than I began to think; what knocked me back into the building?

"Somebody help!" I hollered at the open space in front of me. The sound echoed throughout the hollow building and the soulless cityscape for miles and miles. I was running towards another closed door and I was ready to break through it again. I got myself ready and spent the last ounce of my energy I had left and before I made contact the door opened. I kept going and it was yet again another opening on a side of a building, however there was a large mesh net located not 10 feet beneath me connected with this building and the building 100 feet from it. I landed on the net, a leg slipped through and I gripped the net with my good arm, letting my torn one limp and swing while holding back painful screams. A large man stood where the door was. He wore a large dusty trench coat, combat boots and similar attire underneath.

I pointed "There is a Biter in there!"

He squinted at me and pulled out a sawed off shotgun from inside his coat. In a dark, deep tone he said "Get him to base. Charlie, you're with me. Let's squish this bug."

I felt the net begin to shake and another person ran past me, looked like a young man, but it was hard to say since he moved past me before I could get a glimpse of his face. "Yes sir." He too had an ancient fire arm.

I then felt a rough grip around both my shoulders, pulling my back towards the other building.

"That is one hellova wound mate." Australian accent, deep as well.

"Shut up and help me get him off this safety line before it gets dark." A woman's voice, it's been awhile since I heard one.

I watched as the man in the trenchcoat and the other young man go inside the building closing the door behind them. There were a few loud BANG's! and a high pitched squeal.

I looked up, holding back from crying; they were pulling my wounded arm hard as they were taking me to this base. I was over joyed to see there were others who were seemingly normal and unaffected in this desolate, withered world. I watched as the third sun fell slowly. I survived another day. As it became darker, the howls rose from the streets, and became louder, coming closer. I began too get dizzy, and my vision blurred. My head throbbed, and my eyes began to close.

"Ey, mate, you there? Oy! He's losing it! Stay with us!"

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I have a profile on that I will be transferring stories over from.

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