Lost world

January 7, 2011
A world exist deep within a dark corner of the minds eye. In the blind spot of those with closed unseeing minds. These minds are blank and null with no remorse or tears for anyone they have ever known. walking in trances day by day oblivious to the little dark world their cold minds create. This world is made of the cruelest thoughts and the hatred people feel from pure distraught. Deep in this world only one exists in a body soft but cold. Her heart beats and her mind works, her lips move, and a voice speaks small and frail from deep within her body's beaten walls. She is bruised and beaten and mindlessly abused from the thoughts of the wicked as they escape into the darkness of this world. This little girl stays locked within her little house with her one toy as a friend, afraid to step outside those doors from the stories she heard of embers falling from the sky. Her hairs a mess, her eyes are blue, her skin is pale, and her nails are bitten away. She stands inside her wounds bleeding profoundly staring out a window looking at the red menacing sky. A lighthouse stands to the far east just in view of her window. Its light shines blue over a dark sea with rushing waves that could crush a boat in a single turn. As she stares her heart skips a beat as she sees a moving shadow of a person go across the lighthouse's little window just below the light above. Her hopes rise but then fall again as she remembers that this is impossible and cannot be. She is the only one that exist here on this alien strip of land. and only those with opened minds eyes can see her trapped inside. So to this day she still stands staring out her window searching for someone else besides her in this hellish world. A little girl dead before she was even born whose soul got lost when everyone else had moved on. She sits cursing the world and the people's blood soaked hands waiting for her chance to escape into the world and show how unfit they have easily become, waiting to awake from her nightmares into something worse for her to mold and make better.

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