Ending of life

January 6, 2011
By billabongsurfer BRONZE, Palm Coast, Florida
billabongsurfer BRONZE, Palm Coast, Florida
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It was the year 2011 and everyone on the planet been talking about the world ending year 2012.Everyone is thinking and saying the world is going to blow up, or the world going is going to be taken over by aliens .The stories and rumors just kept adding up.

But, the only kid who wasn’t talking about the world ending was jeron Wilson he’s one of the smartest kids in the sate of Colorado; pretty much smarter than anyone in the world. He wasn’t concerned about the world ending because he studied for years. He’s studies concluded about the world that the world wouldn’t end until another billion years. But his studies was only on the sun not on other things that might make the world end; but jeron was soon going to find out that he was going to face a world genius scientist who know one knew about. He was planning to take over the world .It was November 1, 2011. Jeron Wilson was the typical nerdy, smart kid who everyone made fun of and picked on. He hated everyone at his high school, except for this one girl, Katy brown. She was one of the most popular girls in school. She was varsity on the cheerleading team, and she was the cutest girl you would ever see in your life. The only thing jeron hated to see when she kiss her boyfriend Tate Johnson. He was also one of the most popular kids in school, and played varsity quarterback for the high school. Jeron wished he had a chance with Katy Brown, but he didn’t have the charm or the looks to get her,

Few weeks later an advertisement on the television for a new video game system, the sales man was talking about how awesome the video game system is. He also was talking about how its changes your life. Jeron was so stoked about the new video game system and it was coming out on the week of Christmas it was only a couple weeks of, so jeron talked to his mom about getting it she said she will buy if for him for Christmas. Jeron was so excited couldn’t wait to get it.

Jeron was on Christmas break and couldn’t wait until he got his new video game system. Before he knew it is was Christmas day and jeron open all his presents, after open everything he open the box to the new video game system and started setting it up, when he finish he was ready to turn it on. As he pressed the power button, something really weird happened. The game system turned into a robot and started destroying jeron’s house jerons mom astonish when she saw the game system robot destroying the house, she passed out. Jeron was scared. Then he noticed that everyone who had brought the game system was trying to run away from it.

When jeron was running towards town when he saw Katy crying on a bench, so jeron stopped to talk to her. He warned her about what was going on, and told her to get somewhere safe. They get together and run for safety. Jeron was asking her why she was crying. She reply and says her boyfriend broke up with her. Jeron reply’s saying you deserve someone better. Then out of know where Katy saw what jeron was talking about. She screamed, jeron told her to be quiet so he wouldn’t notice them. Jeron and Katy run for shelter. They both hide in a basement under some stranger’s house that didn’t survive the robot attack. While they were hiding they started talking more about her ex boyfriend dumping her. Then second later another robot finds them and walks down the basement stairs. When it got to the basement floor it started shoot Razor sharp CD’s that could cut through anything. The robot was shooting at Katy, but jeron jumped in front of it and got hit in the chest. Then the robot another one at Katy and she got hit in the throat, but she didn’t survive, jeron tried to fight off the vicious robot but ended up not surviving. Combine all the robots together it took them about a week to take over the world; the mad scientist ends up taking over the planet.

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this story was when i had this dream a couple days ago so i wrote the story that i had in a dream

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charmiypiggy said...
on Jan. 9 2011 at 10:11 am
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I'm going to be a bit brutal here. (sorry) Your grammar, punctuation and spelling is poor. The storyline is somewhat cliche, and doesn't really amount to anything. I'm sorry if this hurts your feelings, but I felt the need to point it out...

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