Alien Rocks

January 4, 2011
By BlueAbyss21 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
BlueAbyss21 BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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The year is 2051, and the human beings have finally won back the Earth from the invading Aliens.

It all started forty-nine years ago, when a mysterious ice covered meteor crashed through Earth’s thinning ozone layer. When the meteor first came in contact with the Earth’s atmosphere it was estimated to be about the size of a dumpster. But, the closer it got to Earth the more the pressure increased on the ice meteor. The pressure was so intense, that it shattered the speeding meteor into one hundred football sized chunks of condensed meteor. The meteor chunks were scattered all over the world, from Beijing to California, and from Antarctica to Russia.

Scientists from all over the world tried to figure out where this mysterious meteor had come from. Some thought it was just another random meteor from space, but few knew it must be from another galaxy, because there has never been another substance found like this ice. The ice looked clear from the outside but when put under a very powerful microscope this so called, “ice” was so densely packed there was no way to see through it and there was no possible way to break the “ice” open.

One scientist, named Jamie Augustine, from Australia had come up with a complex theory that the ice meteor wasn’t just from space, it was from a completely different galaxy light years away.
He had claimed to see little particles of bacteria swimming inside of the meteor chunk, but when he had tried presented his theory and his discovery of the little pieces of bacteria to the Science Committee they called him crazy and said that it’s impossible that any living thing could have survived the crash through Earth’s atmosphere. Jamie tried several times over the course of the next five years to convince the Science Committee that there were alien bacteria on the meteor and that they should take precautions when handling the meteor chunks. After his several failed attempts to convince the committee that he were telling the truth, the committee “excused” him from his position as head scientist in the research of the ice meteor because they thought he was obsessed with his work.

After being “excused” Jamie had later found that the Committee had taken the pleasure of hacking into his computer and deleting all of his years of research. Even though everybody thought he was crazy he knew deep down in his gut that the alien life forms would let themselves be known to the world very soon, sooner than any one would think….

Jamie went on with his research and figured out that being underwater would by the safest alternative route to take shelter in when the aliens attacked. He got started designing an underwater dome for 1,000 people to safely take shelter in. In the following 14 years, he had hand designed and constructed 3 working and habitable domes for the citizens of Tanzania, Australia to take shelter in. There had been no problems with the meteor chunks and Jamie was just begging to doubt himself, but then when he had heard that a fire had just raged through his old laboratory, where the meteor chunks were being stored, he immediately knew that this was just what the alien meteor chunks needed to start to evolve.

Jamie rushed to his old laboratory to find that the meteor chunk had been split into tiny shards and saw that there were many slug like creatures were slithering on the laboratory floor. They were adapting at lightning speed to the new atmosphere and were evolving right before his very eyes.
Over the next six months the invading aliens started to adapt to life under the water, in the jungles, the desert, the air, and to living in the cities. Many people spent those next six months living in fear of being attacked by one of these extra-terrestrials. Some of aliens were very small and could fit within the palm of your hand, but were very dangerous and some were giants, standing a massive eight feet tall. Jamie tried to safely move as many people as possible into his underwater domes, but after living inside the domes for over a year the aliens had fully taken over the land, called Earth, above and below them.

Many people wished to fight and when, what was left of the army, had gathered up all of the people, willing to fight, in the world and all of the weapons they had left, they emerged from their watery homes and fought against all of the Aliens. This great battle was called World War III and lasted for almost 30 long, bloody and terrible years. In the end, the humans ended up victorious, and had once again regained their World called Earth back.

The author's comments:
I wrote this Sci-fi story last year in 7th grade my language arts class as an assignment.

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daninela3 said...
on Jan. 7 2011 at 9:46 pm
wow Sara! that story blew my mind! it was amazing!


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