Faced With the End of the World: Chapter 4

January 4, 2011
I ran back to the church. Eric was standing in front, still gawking at the burnt tree. “Eric!” I called at him from a distance away. “Yeah?” He replied. “There’s an organization called The Union of the Flies, and they’re totally against me!” I explained. “So? You can burn them all with your wildfires; blow them up with lightning, and carry them away with the wind.” He said. “I already tried the lightning part, but don’t you understand? They’re trying to KILL ME!” I screamed in his face. “There’s more to worry about than that.” Eric said, calmly. He went into the church and brought out a sign, which read, “The End is near”. I blinked. “You are crazy.” I said. “It’s true! The coming of Jesus Christ our Savior is about to happen! It talks about it in the Bible. Don’t you believe in the Bible?” “Yes, but, it’s just too unbelievable.” “Trust me, Calcifer. Trust in your only friend. Trust, and have faith. Have faith in the Lord.”
I backed away from Eric. How could the end be near? It has only been two thousand and eleven years since Christ was born. Then again, eleven is my unlucky number.

To be continued…

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